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As we all know, a custom business email address is mandatory for almost every company. It builds trustworthiness and credibility. It also makes you not look spammy to prospects and newsletter customers. If you currently have a free personal email address like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, consider switching to business email and get the following 5 benefits of a business email address:

It makes your online brand look professional

Though this is a very cliche statement, hosted email accounts or @yourcompanyname emails look professional and are easily recognized as credible by your social media followers, customers, and contacts. It is important to note that your email will be your business email on invoices, newsletters, promotional emails, online store order notifications to clients, etc.

Remember, your email will be used as your business email on invoices, newsletters and promotional email, online store order notifications to clients etc.

Easy for clients to remember

It is easy for people to remember your email address when it uses your company’s name as part of the alias. Ninety-nine percent of the time, formal business email addresses follow a similar format, typically – yourname@companyname.com or department@companyname.com, etc.

On the other hand, It is not easy to develop a formal email structure when you sign up for a generic email address. This is because the email usernames for @gmail or @yahoo addresses are given to anyone on a first-come, first-serve basis, leading most people to have their email aliases with weird informal patterns, numbers, and dots (.) in between.

For example, if your name is Jeff and you have a retail store called Amazon, you are most likely to have a free @gmail account that looks like this – jeff.amazon855@gmail.com. Looking at jeff.amazon855@gmail.com, it would be hard for most people to remember your email address, even if they can remember your name and your company’s name.

It prevents thieves from spamming your business

If your business email is jeff.amazon855@gmail.com, it is easy for anyone else to create a free similar email account to yours (e.g., jeff.amazon585@gmail.com) and use it to scam the demographic of your clients. Proper domain email aliases cannot easily be scammed because it would cost the scammer money to register a similar domain name to yours. Most people are generally aware of your actual email domain name.

It saves you money on marketing materials

Typically, your full email address changes if you decide to switch from using a free email provider such as @yahoo to @gmail. This might lead to a problem if you used your old email address in most of your business marketing and online posts.

However, this is not the case with adequately hosted domain email addresses. Your @yourbusinessname email account doesn’t change when you change web hosts or internet service providers (ISPs). This means you won’t need to spend money on reprinting your business cards, letterhead, signage, newspaper adverts, or any other print media if you have gone that far promoting your business.

Easily creates leads to your website

Most of the time, you will get page visitors because your email address is linked to your website domain.

You probably do this too; whenever I receive a crucial email from someone, I always copy their website URL from their email address (the words after the @ part of their email) and paste it to Google to check out their website. Either to do a bit of due diligence about their company or just because I am curious of who I am dealing with. If they have a legitimate website, I end up browsing around doing my due diligence out of curiosity, potentially giving them a quality lead.

Understand that every prospect or first-time client is generally mistrusting to take action whenever they receive an email. Before buying something, open an attachment, sign up for something, etc. They want to know who you are first and will figure out your website through your email address.

Bonus reason - Best for word of mouth referrals

Suppose clients, friends, and colleagues can easily remember the name of your business or business email. In that case, it is naturally pleasurable for them to share it as a trusted referral to whomever they wish, even to high-end business partnerships or people they respect the most. Think about it; you are most likely to share your friend’s email address who owns a retail store called Amazon.com if his email address is jeff@amazon.com than if it was jeff.amazon85@gmail.com isn’t it?


If you are going to grow your business, you will need an email address that reflects your brand. Whether you sell, which customers you sell to, or who you sell to – having a professional business email address protects and legitimizes your brand.

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