​​What is Domain Redemption Period | A Guide to Renewal and Reclamation

How to get a domain out of redemption period

Well, imagine you wake up one morning to find out that your domain name has expired and is now in a state of being deleted.

Panic sets in, and you try to renew your domain, but find out you are being charged an extensive amount to renew your domain.

You ask your web host manager and they tell you that you’re liable for the additional domain renewal fees because your domain is in a closed redemption phase,

Or you should wait a couple of days until it is made available again to be re-registered at a normal cost.

Well, this whole concept of domain redemption can be frustrating to most people.

But worry not, In this article, we’ll uncover what is domain redemption period, understanding why it exists and how to get a domain out of redemption.

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To solve the frustrations of the domain redemption period, 

It is important to understand what is domain redemption phase, is and how it plays a role in the life cycle of a domain name.

This way, it will be a lot easy to prevent this annoying phase before it occurs again. Here’s how it works:

What is the Domain Redemption Period?

The Domain Redemption Period is a specific timeframe in a life cycle of a domain name, that comes after the domain has expired.

During this stage↗︎, your domain will be placed on hold and cannot be transferred away, and all services associated with it will not be working.

Life Cycle of a Domain timeline
Infographic of life of a domain timeline from registration to expiry/deletion. Applies to .com and .com, and other gTLDs managed by ICANN.

Fortunately, you can still renew your expired domain while it is in the closed redemption stage. Jump to See How↓

If you do not renew or take the domain out of the domain redemption stage, it will remain queued for being deleted from the rest of the internet.

It’s also worth mentioning that the domain redemption period is not indefinite. This stage typically lasts around 20-25 days depending on your domain extension.

What Happens After Domain Redemption Period Expires

Once the closed redemption period expires, the domain enters a phase called the Pending Delete period.

During this time, things get a little bit worse, the domain is still not available for registration, and the original owner cannot reclaim it.

The Pending Delete period typically lasts around 1-5 consecutive days, again, depending on your domain extension or registrar.

Once the Pending Delete period is over, the domain eventually becomes available for anyone to register, starting the cycle anew.

So, if you ever find yourself in a position where your domain is in between the redemption phase and deletion, don’t panic just yet. 

Remember that the purpose of the domain redemption period is not to rip you off,

but to give you a second chance at reclaiming your lost domain, since many more internet users out there are scavenging to take your domain right after expiry.

How To Get A Domain Out of Redemption?

Retrieving or bringing back domain from redemption requires you to follow a specific process based on how your host operates.

Unfortunately, to redeem your domain, you’ll typically need to pay some additional fees.

These fees typically include the renewal cost, a redemption fee, and possibly some administrative fees.

The exact amounts can vary depending on the registrar and the domain extension involved. Typically ranging from $50 to $200 USD.

Once all the fees are paid up, your domain will automatically be renewed and remain under your ownership for the new yearly cycle.

Steps to retrieve domain from redemption on Mashjoy Hosting Platform

Renewing a domain while it is in the closed redemption stage on the Mashjoy Hosting platform is very simple and semi-automated.

To begin, log in to your hosting account↗︎ and pay the latest domain renewal invoice, together with the redemption fee charged. 

Your invoice will automatically have the specific redemption fee charged by the registrar. No need to open a support ticket to find out how much you have to pay.

Once you’ve paid the renewal and redemption fees charged, we will then administer the renewal process for you, and your domain will be re-activated within 5-15 minutes.

You might have to wait a couple of hours for your domain to propagate DNS again. 

But in most cases, this process also takes a couple of minutes to complete. 

Steps to Retrieve Domain from Redemption on Other Hosting Platforms:

Other web hosts may handle this process slightly differently. though the administrative steps are very similar.

Therefore, to renew a domain with any other host, you’ll typically need to ✅:

  1. Contact your host manager or domain registrar for guidance. 
  2. Pay the additional fees when promoted, including renewal, redemption, and potentially administrative fees.
  3. Then wait a couple of minutes for the domain to be brought back online.

How to Avoid Domain Redemption Deletion Altogether

As you can see, prevention is better than cure when it comes to the frustrations and complexities of domain redemption and deletion.

Therefore, you can follow these proactive measures to prevent this from ever happening again ✅:

  1. Pay attention to domain renewal reminders  – and attend to them beforehand. Most hosts (including our host) will always remind you to renew your domain 30 days before its expiry,
  2. Enabling auto-renewal feature if it is provided – By enabling this feature, you can eliminate the risk of forgetting to renew your domain and protect it from falling into the redemption period. Double-check that your payment details are up to date to ensure smooth auto-renewal transactions.
  3. Register domains for a longer renewal lease – like in a 2-3 years renewal cycle instead of the regular 1 year lease. This not only reduces the frequency of renewal activities but also minimizes the chances of overlooking renewal deadlines.
  4. Always keep your registrant contact information updated, and your account account security strengthened. This will allow you to receive all domain updates to the contact details you regularly use.

Final Takes

To summarize everything, Restoring the domain in redemption status requires proactive communication with your host or registrar, readiness to cover additional fees, and patience during the waiting period.

Remember, every registrar may have slightly different processes and timelines, so stay in close contact with them for the most accurate information.

And that’s all for now. I hope this information helps you navigate the road to domain recovery.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out by opening a support ticket↗︎. Until next time, happy domain hunting!

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