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ikhokha Point of Sale Review

In this article, we will explore the rising star in the South African market, iKhokha Point of Sale.

With over a decade of experience, iKhokha has made remarkable strides in the Point of Sale Systems industry, offering advanced solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

One standout feature of iKhokha is its affordable card machines, which are considered among the most cost-effective options in the market.

Their globally recognized software and hardware solutions cater to a range of businesses, including small enterprises, retail stores, and the hospitality industry.

That said, let’s explore the ins and outs of iKhokha Point of Sale and why it’s creating a buzz!

I will break down all the important things about iKhokha point of sale system, how it works, pricing and discount as well as how to order ikhokha’s POS for your business.

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What is iKhokha Point of Sale?

iKhokha Point of Sale is an advanced payment processing solution designed to streamline transactions for businesses of all sizes.

The system combines software and hardware components to create full cash register system.

This comprehensive system comes in four parts: ✅

ikhokha point of sale demo - ikhokha POS
iKhokha Point of Sale System components / retail shop demo
  1. Card machines and cash register accessories: iKhokha provides a range of high-quality card machines and accompanying accessories to ensure seamless payment processing. View All Card Machine Options↓
  2. Advanced industry-specific software: With iKhokha’s specialised software for retail, hospitality, and enterprises, businesses can manage sales, track inventory, and generate detailed reports. Click to view Prices↓
  3. Free mobile app and cloud desktop software: iKhokha offers a free user-friendly mobile app and cloud desktop software, which has adequate tools for streamlining small business operations. Learn More About iKhokha’s App Here↓
  4. The best part? In 2023, iKhokha introduced fully computerized compact POS bundles that feature a high-definition touchscreen display and built in CPU functionalities. These are best for use in larger business scenarios. View iKhokha’s POS Bundles Here↓

With iKhokha POS, you can accept card payments from customers using cash, card or mobile payments using Samsung and Apple Pay.

Even better, iKhokha POS can be used to sell prepaid services, this feature is integrated within the free iKhokha App and touchscreen versions of their card machines.

Who is it for? Because POS is that it is flexible, upgradable, and can be customised to suit specific business requirements. This makes iKhokha POS suitable for all small and larger businesses in general.

Because iKhokha also offers industry specific software and hardware, it is also suitable for larger retailers, larger corporate as well as hospitality businesses such as restaurants and hotels.

Examples of iKhokha POS best use scenarios | Src: and

How does iKhokha Point of Sale System Work?

iKhokha Point of Sale works as a combination of both software and hardware to facilitate sales activities and transactions.

Both the hardware and software comes directly from iKhokha, saving you operational third party integration fees in the long term.

iKhokha Point of Sale demo
iKhokha Point of Sale System components

1. The Hardware Aspect

The hardware aspect includes a range of devices, including POS compatible card machines↓, all-in-one computer POS bundles↓, barcode scanners, cash registers, card machine stands, chargers, receipt printers and printer till rolls as well as smartphones and tablets.

The good news about all iKhokha’s hardware is that you only pay for it once-off. No rental or subscription fees are charged thereoff.

iKhokha POS hardware accessories
iKhokha's additional POS hardware accessories | Src:

Additionally, if you don’t need lots of additional hardware, you can leverage smartphones and tablets to enhance the versatility of the system. i.e. Keep things minimal and digital.💡 

You can use your own existing smartphone/tablet or buy the ones supplied by iKhokha.

2. The Software Aspect

iKhokha’s POS software is what actually powers up the entire system. The software is so advanced, secured and yet very simplified for all non-tech-savvy individuals.

It has all modern ways to sell products and accept payments digitally, with more features and updates being launched on regular basis.

There are two version of the iKhokha POS software for everyone. You can choose based on how you want to start:

2.1. Free cloud based POS software and mobile App

The free version of iKhokha POS software is a complementary cloud based software available as both mobile App and desktop software.

This free iteration of iKhokha’s POS software is meant for small to growing business owners in South Africa, typically those with local brick and mortar stores and online stores, or those who do both.

Here are all the iK POS software features at a glance ✅:

Moreover, This free version of iKhokha’s POS software has a very user friendly interface to manage sales, track inventory, provides detailed reporting, basic invoicing, online payment gateway, pay links etc. 

and it also allows you to vend prepaid services without any additional application.

Show All iKhokha POS App Features

iKhokha POS App Features

  • Accept card payments from any iKhokha card machines or free tap on phone feature.
  • Track sales, manage transaction history, issue refunds, and accept tips.
  • Online payment gateway for Wix and WooCommerce
  • Send invoices to clients.
  • Send payment links via WhatsApp, email and any social media platform.
  • Sell prepaid services with iK Vend (Airtime, Electricity, Mobile Data, Water Payments, DSTV, Pay@, Mukuru, Hollywood Bets, Mama Money and more.
  • Manage products & staff.

  • Get a cash advance loan from iKhokha.
  • Provides free active fraud prevention, regular updates/patches, and free accredited security.
  • Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay via Card Insert, Swipe and Tap. Also supports Instant EFT and Credit or Debit cards online.

iK POS works with all iKhokha card machines. See card machine options in the online application process.

Show iKhokha POS App Pros and Cons

iKhokha POS App Pros

  • Free to use and for the lifetime.
  • iKhokha provides free setup assistance to all new users creating a merchant account and buying a card machine for the first time. Get Started Here
  • Works with all iKhokha card machines.
  • Provides active fraud prevention and free accredited security.
  • iKhokha has lowest priced card machines in comparison to competitors. See Here↗︎
  • iKhokha has the lowest transaction fees in comparison to competitors. See Here↗︎

iKhokha POS App Cons

  • Online Payment gateway currently lacks support for Shopify. It currently only integrates with Wix and WooCommerce/WordPress.

Therefore, to start using the free version of iKhokha’s POS software, you will need to first purchase an iKhokha card machine of choice↓ or complete the online application process.

Last but not least, if you buy the latest touchscreen version of iKhokha’s card machines (iKhokha Flyer↗︎), the software will be installed right into the card machine, giving you the freedom to do everything from either the card machine itself or the free iKhokha App/desktop version.

If you choose any other iKhokha card machine such as iKhokha Mover↗︎ and Shaker Solo↗︎, you will only be able to use the software through the free mobile App or desktop version on your laptop or PC.

Because the software is cloud based, iKhokha continues to implement new modern features and updates without you charging extra.

Last, One particularly noteworthy feature is the automatic calculation of the total cost, accompanied by an easily printable or digitally storable cash-up receipt that you can view from any remote location away from your store.

This “cash-up” functionality is what sets iKhokha apart from most other traditional POS systems, which often lack this level of convenience.

2.2. Subscription based Industry Specific POS Software for larger retailers, hospitalities and enterprise.

If you have a much larger and busy retail store, expansive restaurant, accomodation or hospitality business or any larger enterprise, 

then iKhokha provides you a subscription based POS software with special features to streamline all transactions in an organised fashion.

View and compare all iKhokha POS software packages Here↓

or Begin ordering iKhokha POS Software x BOOK A FREE DEMO HERE. 

And that’s pretty much how iKhokha POS work in a nutshell.

If you have any specific questions regarding if iK POS can work for your specific business needs, fill in this form and request a free demo by iKhokha team.

For your convenience, iKhokha has so many field workers across the country, they will help you pick the right combination of devices and software, come to your shop and demo the entire system for you.

iKhokha POS Packages and Prices

iKhokha has a variety of options for small business owners on a tight budget or a larger enterprises with multiple employees. 

Allowing you to start small with just card machines↓ and upgrade later, or go all in and just buy the full system as a bundled package↓ or with advanced POS software↓.

Card Machines Prices

For small business owners on a tight budget, you can start with just a card machine and simple accessories like a stand, or dedicated phone/tablet.

Our experience with iKhokha is that you can still efficiently run your business and sell prepaid services with just a card machine and your existing smartphone.

Example of iKhokha card machines and iKhokha mobile App | Src:

This is because all iKhokha card machines work seamlessly with the free version of the POS software and free mobile app.

As discussed above, the free version of iKhokha’s POS software is adequate and up-to-date with features found in competitors like Yoco or options from the banks.

Here are iKhokha card machine options: ✅

3 Best iKhokha Card Machines for Business - July 2024
iKhokha Flyer
Standalone, Full HD Touchscreen, Dual 4G SIM cards with Unlimited data at R49/month. Connects to any WiFi. Built-in Printer.
Approx. Price:
Avail. Discount:
iKhokha Mover
Best for Small & Medium sized Businesses. Pair with your phone/tablet via Bluetooth & Free iKhokha App.
Approx. Price:
Avail. Discount:
iKhokha Shaker Solo
Standalone, One 4G SIM card with Unlimited data at R49/month. Connects to any WiFi. Built-in Printer.
Approx. Price:
Avail. Discount:

iKhokha POS Bundles Prices

For much larger and bustling businesses, such as retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and guest houses, iKhokha offers POS bundles with specialized software tailored to your industry.

These bundles provide a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

As you can see from the screenshot below, iK POS bundles start at R9999 incl.VAT (once-off). 

If you are not sure what your business really needs. There is also an option to get a custom setup built for your business, with the guide of iKhokha’s team and for free.

Here are the latest POS bundles: ✅

To help you decide which package suits your requirements, you can fill in this form to request a custom package with the assistance of iKhokha’s team.

They are always ready to guide you in making the right choice. Additionally, you can request a free product demo to experience iKhokha POS firsthand.

iKhokha Advanced POS Software Prices

iKhokha’s industry specific POS software currently start at R699/month. 

One thing to note is that, In Order to use iKhokha’s Industry specific software properly, it is recommended that you also purchase iKhokha’s computerised POS bundles since they have more processing power to handle substantial workloads with exceptional speed.

Again, if you are interested in using iKhokha’s POS software, begin your application process by requesting a Free POS Demo Here.

iKhokha's Advanced POS Software Packages - July 2024
iKhokha Retail POS Software
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Loyalty programmes and promotions
  • Product management & inventory control
  • Staff management with access control logins
  • Poster software licence
  • Looking for reliable Retail POS Software, You can book a free demo by iKhokha’s team.
Approx. Price:
iKhokha Hospitality POS Software
  • Everything from Retail
  • Table layouts
  • Kitchen and bar stations
  • Split bills
  • Track and manage ingredients
  • Looking for reliable Hospitality POS Software, You can book a free demo by iKhokha’s team.
Approx. Price:
iKhokha Enterprise POS Software
  • Everything from Hospitality
  • An additional Poster licence
  • Additional products or dishes
  • Looking for reliable Retail POS Software, You can book a free demo by iKhokha’s team.
Approx. Price:

Additional Hidden iKhokha POS Benefits

When considering buying a POS software for business, it is important to understand the services provider you choose really helps in the single most important department: Finance.

Allow me to shed light on three hidden gems that truly set iKhokha apart from the competition ✅:

1. Same Day Settlements

Firstly, iKhokha understands the importance of timely cash flow for your business. That’s why they offer same day payouts to FNB accounts, completely free of charge.

For other banks, iKhokha takes about 2-3 business days for funds to settle. Which is not that different to other POS companies like Yoco, WAPPoint and Adumo.
Though I would wish same day payouts worked with all the banks. But I am personally happy with this feature since my business banks with FNB.

iKhokha instant payout
iKhokha same day settlement mailer announcement | May 2023

2. iK Cash Advance Loan

Second, iKhokha goes beyond mere payment processing by offering a cash advance loan to help fuel your business growth.

While this feature may not be entirely new to the South African payment processing landscape, iKhokha’s commitment to supporting your entrepreneurial journey is worth mentioning.

successful business people | iK Cash advance benefits

The cash advance loan isn’t like a traditional loan where qualifying depends on many qualifying criteria checks and compounded interest for repayments.

Basically, the more you use iKhokha products to accept payments, they will give you a loan when your monthly turnover exceeds R2500 and a pattern of having used iKhokha for 3 months consecutively.

Once you qualify for an amount, it will automatically be shown under the iK Advance feature on the iKhokha App, and you can accept the loan from just a few clicks of a button.

Repayment is also automated, they will deduct the repayment as an additional percentage charged from payments transacted. Or as per agreed.

3. iKhokha has higher reviews online in comparison to others.

When comparing online reviews, iKhokha shines brighter than its competitors,

This means, most business owners across the country have expressed their satisfaction with iKhokha’s services, praising its reliability, customer support, and overall performance.

See how the latest screenshots of most reviewed POS systems on HelloPeter.

So, as you weigh your options and consider the best POS system for your business, take into account iKhokha’s outstanding online reviews, which reflect the positive experiences of countless business owners across the country.

As well as the fact that they too offer timely cash flow and cash advance loan that fuels your growth ambitions, which is mostly what you will ever need to keep going.

Best iKhokha POS Alternatives:

While iKhokha POS offers impressive features and functionalities, it’s always good to explore alternatives. 

As it stands, iKhokha card machines currently lack support for AMEX and Diners Club international cards. 

Though these types of cards are only used by approx 1% of people in South Africa, other POS companies like Yoco and WAPPoint have card machines that support AMEX and Diners Club cards.

Here are a couple of notable alternatives to iKhokha POS: ✅

yoco logo left

1. Yoco

Yoco is a popular South African POS system that offers easy-to-use hardware and software solutions for businesses. It provides seamless integration with various payment methods and offers comprehensive reporting features.

wappoint logo left

2. WAPPoint

WAPPoint is another reliable POS system in South Africa, catering to businesses of all sizes. It offers user-friendly hardware and software solutions, along with advanced reporting capabilities and integrations with popular payment methods.

Conclusion: Is iKhokha POS Perfect for You?

In conclusion, iKhokha Point of Sale appears to be a very good product that is guaranteed to solve all your POS needs. Whether on a small or big budget.

As you have seen, iKhokha is the most highly ranked POS system in South Africa in terms of positive customer reviews,

These reviews reflect the authentic and positive experiences of numerous business owners nationwide and will help you avoid some pitfalls by choosing the wrong POS company.

Therefore my final verdict is this:

With iKhokha, you’re not just investing in a highly acclaimed POS solution but also becoming part of a community that has has vested interest in your overall customer satisfaction.

As you navigate the process of selecting the most suitable POS system, consider the distinctive factors that set iKhokha apart from its competitors ✅:

  1. POS Hardware and Software Benefits: iKhokha POS offers customizable hardware and industry-specific software, simplifying transactions, streamlining inventory tracking, and generating comprehensive reports.
  2. Quicker Payouts and Access to Cash in Advance: Enjoy same-day payouts to FNB accounts, ensuring uninterrupted cash flow. Additionally, take advantage of performance-based cash advance loans to drive your business growth.

In closing, I trust that my review of iKhokha POS has provided you with valuable insights to make an informed decision about whether it is the best fit for your business.

If you are contemplating iKhokha POS but are unsure if it’s the ideal solution for you, or if you have any additional questions, kindly complete this quick application form to request a Free Demo.

Once submitted, a dedicated iKhokha sales representative will get in touch with you to discuss all the pertinent details before your purchase.

They will also guide you through the entire application process, and help you complete your POS package. Happy Selling!

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