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namehero review - web hosting company review

NameHero offers pure cloud web hosting that is fast, reliable, secure, and at the same time affordable for anyone who is just starting out and is already a big business.

These features are what sets NameHero apart from other hosting services.

In this NameHero Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at all the important features of this hosting provider and determine if this is really the best web host for 2024.

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NameHero Review - Important things to note

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Shopper Approved
Blazing Fast Web Hosting
From $2.15/mo

I am a web designer, who has been using NameHero as my primary choice for reseller hosting for over 3+ years.

I had used about 3 web hosting companies prior to joining NameHero and I was either not too satisfied with the price, customer support or some technical issues overall.

What I liked the most about NameHero is that they offered all of the typical features one would expect from any great web host plus tons of helpful tutorials to help set up a robust online presence. 

Also, their prices were very cheap and their customer support felt unparalleled in comparison. So it was a no-brainer to join and stick with them to date.

So for this NameHero review, I will not be focusing on the technical details of what NameHero offers since you can simply view their latest packages on their official site. 

I will only focus on these factors that I find important when looking for a reliable web host.

Here's What Makes NameHero Stand Out For Me:

First, All the promises about NameHero are 99.9% true. From customer support to the overall reliability of their hosting platform.

Second, NameHero doesn’t upsell you anything fundamentally needed to start and keep you going.

Almost everything is free, including Automatic SSL Certificates, CDNs (Cloudflare with Railgun and my personal favorite CDN), Web Server caching for WordPress, Nightly backups and WordPress installs, and more.

Last, if you are a reseller, you can deploy all NameHero’s features to your clients for free, giving you a price competitive edge over any existing competition and the potential of up 500% return on investment.

Rating out of 10. Based on Customer Support, Value for Price, Overall Reliability and Competition Analysis.
Best for Speed, WordPress and Cloud Web Hosting
Show NameHero Features

Best NameHero Features

Freebies included (All Hosting Plans)

  • Free & Automatic SSL Certificates For All Domains/SubDomains
  • Free Solid State Drives Protected By Raid 10
  • Free cPanel
  • Free Cloudflare with Railgun
  • Free LiteSpeed Server Cache (fastest WordPress caching plugin)
  • Free Nightly Backups (with instant restores available in cPanel)
  • Free WordPress Installs and Cloning
  • Free Account Migrations service
Show NameHero Pros and Cons
  • Low startup costs
  • Fully managed cloud web hosting
  • Has tons of web hosting tutorials, mostly in videos
  • Uses Advanced machine learning security with DDoS protection
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee
  • Free domains are not in all web hosting plans
  • Discount is removed upon renewal on all billing cycles

Final Verdict on NameHero

As you can see, NameHero is one of the great cloud web hosting companies which were started to make a difference in the world of top-notch web hosting. 

In my experience, they check all the boxes of a perfect international hosting provider. 

They offer all the web hosting features to load your website at the speed of light, reliable uptime, and foolproof security. Ultimately making them the new leader of premium cloud web hosting at a reasonably cheap price. 

Save up to 76% OFF on Web Hosting Packages
  • Free & Auto SSL for All Domains/SubDomains
  • Free CDN and Web Server Caching
  • Free WordPress Installs and Cloning
  • 24/7 Support and more…
Used 188 times

How Fast is NameHero?

NameHero’s hosting is Lightning Fast! and their server infrastructure does a lot of heavy lifting to serve your website content faster on the web as promised.

If you build your websites using WordPress like I do, you won’t have to bother much with the technicalities of making my website faster by minifying CSS, Javascript and HTML etc, for as long as you use a reliable WordPress theme/plugins and upload compressed/optimized images you’ll be fine. 

For this review, I am not going to bother you with any screenshots of self-test benchmarks since they can be made up. 

You can just try to load my website ( that’s built on ThemeForest WordPress Theme. If I’m not mistaken, the site loads in just a quarter to half a second!

I currently use CDN as a content delivery network of choice provided by NameHero for free.

What Actually Makes NameHero The Fastest Web Host?

NameHero only uses pure cloud hosting servers with the latest hardware and software tools to boost your website.

Their server network infrastructure is housed in data centers with redundant network connections and Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as Cloudflare with Railgun and server caching tools such as Litespeed Server Cache and CDN. 

This way, they are able to ensure that your site loads faster online despite most unforeseen circumstances.

To your benefit, Name Hero includes all these server-speed features in every package for free without any upsells. See Here for a better understanding.

Obviously, web hosting speed is relative to how you build your website and you can still get a similar effect by using any other modern web host. But keep in mind, the fastest form of web hosting today is Cloud Web Hosting.

NameHero’s customer satisfaction levels speak for themselves. 

Over 4200 verified users have rated NameHero 4.8/5. Unsurprisingly, just less than 50 of the total reviewers gave NameHero a rating of 1-2 stars – See All Reviews Here

The total number of customers who chose to leave a review about NameHero is not including over 700 000 active clients – last time I checked.

So in short, NameHero’s customer support is unparalleled and is one of the best for an international web host. 

They’re always available 24/7 at any hour of the day. They actually support you from a technical perspective and a business perspective altogether.

My biggest takeaway is that they are a kind of business that will help you solve problems or solve problems for you and help you build your online business as if it’s their business. 

This form of special treatment is very rare in most other well-known hosts.

Here’s a summary of NameHero Reviews from some of the most online review platforms to give you an overview of the level of customer support that NameHero provides:

Shopper Approved
Blazing Fast Web Hosting
From $2.15/mo

Upon writing this Name Hero review. NameHero confirmed to have a team of just about 23 full-time, dedicated and hard-working representatives who are always ready to help you out with any issues you might have. 

They did not disclose the number of remote staff members who also help with customer support.

Name Hero offers 24/7 support over the Telephone, Live Chat, and Direct Email. If you have any questions or need help with anything: Try out NameHero’s Support.

If you contact them using support tickets like I do. You can expect a response or have your problem fixed within 5-15 minutes depending on the complexity of your issue. 

If your issue requires some form of investigation, they will just let you know that they’re busy investigating it until they revert back to you with a solution.

In addition to having a great customer service team, NameHero has put a lot of effort into creating timeless tutorials and guides to help you take care of problems on your own. 

If you look around. You’ll notice that most web hosts only have knowledgeable tutorials and also detailed tutorials in a blog. But not all of them have naturally conversational video tutorials like NameHero!

The tutorials from NameHero are a great resource for you to understand how web hosting works and how you can maximize your reselling efforts.

Trust me, this is great in the sense that you end up being able to provide great customer support to your clients too. Give them a look and see for yourself!

Save up to 76% OFF on Web Hosting Packages
  • Free & Auto SSL for All Domains/SubDomains
  • Free CDN and Web Server Caching
  • Free WordPress Installs and Cloning
  • 24/7 Support and more…
Used 188 times

Though the subject of uptime and reliability can be a long one to discuss, here’s what you need to understand about NameHero from a reliability standpoint:

They are are fully managed cloud web host

NameHero’s approach is to provide you with a web hosting platform in which you can focus your attention on your website without dealing with the stress of server management. 

Hence all their web hosting is fully managed. 

This means all enhancements to speed, server software, backups, security patching, server firewalls, malware scans, and dealing with web threats are completely dealt with by them on your behalf.

If you are someone new to web hosting or simply looking for a reliable platform to grow an online business without too many headaches, then I recommend NameHero for this reason.

NameHero is a 100% Cloud hosting provider.

Hosting your website under NameHero also has the benefit of not having any downtime. 

This is because all their web hosting services are based on cloud hosting infrastructure instead of traditional old-school servers. 

If you’re new to the concept of cloud web hosting, here’s how it works: ✅

Cloud web hosting is a new way of hosting websites and other software services. 

It’s a form of web hosting that allows you to store and run your content on a network of multiple remote servers acting as a single unit or a unified system.

In a cloud hosting network, the parts or servers being used are not necessarily in one place, they can be in different locations all around the world but act as one. 

You can simply imagine these servers just being up there – in “the cloud”.

Traditional web hosting, on the other hand, uses large mechanical or physical servers that are kept in a facility called a data center or a server room. 

The main problem with a traditional web hosting server setup is that it creates a single point of failure. ie. if there is a hardware fault (a hard drive dies out or a power failure occurs) the entire machine is brought down until the faulty hard drive is replaced or power is restored. 

This is why traditional server hosting is often associated with hours of downtime.

cloud hosting vs traditional web hosting
How Cloud Web Hosting Works | Source: NameHero

Therefore, using a cloud-based web host like NameHero provides you with the benefits of cloud hosting, mainly being:

1) Scalability: Cloud technology allows your website to scale up when traffic increases, which means that you do not need to invest in expensive hardware to meet the resource demands of your site;

2) Flexibility: Cloud technology makes it easy for you to make changes to your server configuration because everything is handled remotely via an interface;

3) Reliability: Cloud hosting companies use redundant systems to ensure that your website is always available and responsive;

NameHero pricing is reasonably cheap in comparison to any other reliable web hosting provider of class. 

In fact, you are likely to find that their prices are even lower than those of your current hosting provider.

And that’s not all—they offer discounts on every single one of their hosting packages, so you can start saving money right away. 

Most of the time, startup prices are ridiculously low down to 50% to even 80% allowing you to save when you invest for the long term. 80% discounts are usually on discount seasons like Black Friday).


The only downside to NameHero’s pricing and discount is that the discounts are only for the first billing cycle (monthly, semi-annually, annually, bi-annually, and three years) you choose.

However, this notion of limited discounts is not new in the world of web hosting. In fact, all other web hosts operate this way.

This means, if you choose to use NameHero, you’re better off starting off on a longer billing term to allow you to buy time to stabilize your online business and earn enough profit to cover renewal costs.

NameHero Cloud Web Hosting Pricing (Shared Hosting)

Shared cloud web hosting from NameHero starts from only about $2.15/month. 

As you’d know, shared web hosting is usually where most of us start. It is best for hosting a new blog, e-commerce store, or business website until you hit any limits or until there is a need to upgrade.

With a priority on speed, reliability/uptime, and an easy-to-use web hosting platform. 

These shared hosting plans are slightly varied based on how light or heavy you need to start. 

NameHero Reseller Hosting Pricing

I personally use NameHero for reseller web hosting and have been happy ever since. 

From a reseller’s perspective, you’ll appreciate the value of your investment since you’ll be having a strong team of web hosting support backing you up 24/7. 

Since reseller hosting is meant to help you build a passive income business. I would recommend starting out with NameHero’s reseller hosting on a long-term billing cycle so your discount can sustain you for long. 

Also, Yes, you can make up to 500% return on your investment per server purchased.

NameHero Dedicated Cloud Hosting

NameHero’s Dedicated Cloud Hosting comes in two packages: Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Cloud Servers

Both are fully managed, deployed instantly, and have extreme reliability across the board.

I personally do not use NameHero’s dedicated hosting at this point. But if you are interested, here’s their indicative pricing:

Cloud VPS Hosting Pricing

Cloud Dedicated Servers Hosting Princing

Conclusion - Should You Choose NameHero?

Overall, I highly recommend NameHero as a good option for anyone who is looking for a reliable, affordable and customer-focused cloud hosting solution.

From a first user’s perspective, NameHero’s support team is friendly and fast to help and their pricing is good for the value. Hence I do not see anything wrong with using their service.

Save up to 76% OFF on Web Hosting Packages
  • Free & Auto SSL for All Domains/SubDomains
  • Free CDN and Web Server Caching
  • Free WordPress Installs and Cloning
  • 24/7 Support and more…
Used 188 times
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