3 Ways You can get a Yoco Card Machine for Sale in 2024

yoco card machine for sale

There are, of course, a number of ways for acquiring a Yoco card machine for sale today.

In this article, I’ll show you three ways you can get an additional Yoco card machine discount and free delivery on top of the discount that Yoco is currently offering on its main website.

Hopefully, this will bring you one step closer to getting your own Yoco machine a lot cheaper.

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Method 1: Buy Yoco Card Machine using a Referral/ Coupon Code or Discount Link

The first and most recommended method to buy a Yoco card machine is through a Yoco Discount Referral Link.

These links, usually shared by Yoco resellers or promoters, come with an embedded referral Coupon Code. You’ll get an extra discount on top of Yoco’s website prices. 

Let me give you an example of a Yoco Referral Link that can score you between R100 – R500 discount and free delivery. 

Here’s the link you can try out: https://refer.yoco.com/YIQKP5UScore!

Yoco discount - Yoco referral link
Yoco registration page | Click image to get a signup Discount Bonus plus Free Delivery | Src: https://yoco.com/za

Why does Yoco have a referral program?

Well, they want to reward their merchants and benefit you as a first-time buyer. Just like how it works with Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc.

When you use a referral link, not only do you support the promoter, but you also receive a sign-up benefit. Discounts, free delivery, or both. So it’s a Win-win!

Now, the exciting part. Check out the latest Yoco discounts and offers through their referral program. Get ready for incredible savings!

Yoco Go: Up to R100 OFF & Free Delivery

Buy Yoco Go Card Machine Now and Save an EXTRA R100 OFF. No coupon code needed.

Used 2302 times
Khumo Print: Up to R100 OFF & Free Delivery

Buy Yoco Khumo Print Machine Now and Save an EXTRA R100 OFF. No coupon code needed.

Used 1718 times
Yoco Khumo: Up to R100 OFF & Free Delivery

Buy Yoco Khumo Machine Now and Save an EXTRA R100 OFF. No coupon code needed.

Used 2312 times

Method 2: Buy Yoco Machine from a Certified Yoco Reseller

Another option for purchasing a discounted Yoco device is through a Certified Yoco Reseller.

These resellers are sales agents trained by Yoco to distribute card machines and assist with setup.

To buy from them, you’ll need to get in touch with the reseller directly.

You can find them in different places around your town or they might just approach you directly.

Example of Yoco resellers / promoters | Src: Twitter

It’s important to note that the discounts offered by Yoco resellers are not guaranteed, as pricing is subject to negotiation.

Yoco-certified resellers sometimes get their stock at a discounted price from Yoco and also earn commissions based on their sales.

If you prefer the reseller route to snag a special deal on a Yoco card machine,

I recommend reaching out to this trusted Yoco reseller: 061 455 0196 (Direct WhatsApp Link). Or follow this Facebook Page↗︎.

Method 3: Buying Yoco Machine from Partner Stores (Retail stores)

Yoco card machines are also available for purchase through various Yoco’s retail store partners, both online and in physical stores.

You can buy a Yoco card machine at Pep, Game, Makro, HiFi-Corp, Takealot, iStore and Incredible Connection. Just to name a few.

Keep in mind that prices at these Yoco partner stores are typically just the same as those displayed on Yoco’s official site.

While discounts are rare with this method, there’s still a slight possibility you might stumble upon a hidden deal. But it requires some time browsing.

So Overall, if you need a discount right away. Just use the discount link shared in method 1. 

🎁 Here it is again: https://refer.yoco.com/YIQKP5U.

Bonus Method: Buying a Second Hand Yoco Machine

Though not easy to find, You can buy a used Yoco card machine from someone looking to get rid of theirs.

Most people tend to get rid of their old card machines in case they have upgraded to a new one or switched POS providers.

So they will definitely sell it to you for a lot cheaper.

Keep in mind you will have to do a transfer of ownership through Yoco after buying a second-hand card machine from another business owner. 

Final Takes

As you’ve seen, there are a variety of options available.

So which method is best? I still recommend buying Yoco through a referral discount link. 

This method saves you both money and time. You simply just order online, and earn a discount and free delivery upon checkout. 

Then wait for about 2-3 working days for your order to arrive. The card machine will already be activated and working upon delivery.

Here are my final takes on other methods to buy Yoco card machines:

1. Buying Yoco Machine from a Certified Yoco Reseller

Buying a Yoco card machine from a certified reseller is also a viable and convenient option.

These resellers are specially trained to assist you with setting up the card machines and providing troubleshooting support.

The process is typically done in person, ensuring a quick and easy experience.

However, finding a reseller in your area may not be that easy.

Leading us back to why it’s better you consider ordering the card machine directly from Yoco by yourself.

🎁 Yoco Discount Link↗︎.

But if you do find a reseller, I still highly recommend using them.

With their expertise and willingness to provide cost savings, they might give you a generous offer.

2. Buying Yoco Machine from Partner Stores (Retail Stores)

When it comes to purchasing a Yoco card machine from a retail store, there are pros and cons to consider. 

The advantage is that these partner stores are reputable and often offer discounts, ensuring you receive the best customer service.

However, one drawback is that retail staff don’t assist with card machine activation or troubleshooting, 

Leaving you to figure things out on your own or seek help from Yoco’s sales/support team.

In addition, It’s important to note that returns, exchanges, and refunds are subject to the policies of the specific store where you made the purchase.

If you have a change of heart, make sure to adhere to their guidelines.

I’ve heard stories of people who wanted to return their Yoco card machines but missed the grace period for returns, leaving them stuck with an unintended purchase.

So, while buying from a retail store has its perks, be mindful of the policies and make informed decisions to avoid any regrets later on.

3. Buying a Second Hand Yoco Card Machine

Though you can get a second-hand Yoco machine a lot cheaper.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this method outright. Unless you are buying from someone you actually know and trust.

Most second-hand devices have unknown defects or you might just end up buying up someone’s problem.

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