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Honest Yoco Card Machine Reviews after 3 Years. Which should you buy?

Yoco is a South African-based payments processing company that supplies card machines at a once-off purchase fee with no monthly rental fees charged. The only fees you pay are small transaction fees of between 2.6-2.9% Ex VAT. This low barrier of entry into purchasing and owning a Yoco card machine makes Yoco one of the most cost-effective card machines for new and emerging entrepreneurs in South Africa. After being a Yoco user for almost 3 years, I provide an unbiased Yoco card machines review, only looking at: Yoco Go, Yoco Khumo, Khumo Print, and Yoco Neo card machines.
yoco go card machine device

Yoco Go

Best for businesses with low card transaction volume. Works by pairing with your phone via Bluetooth & Yoco App.

yoco Go card machine - features
yoco khumo card machine

Yoco Khumo

Best for any business environment. Works as standalone card machine. Full touchscreen interface and comes with Free 4G Sim Card and unlimited data, also connects to Wifi. (No need to pair with a phone/tablet)

Yoco khumo and khumo print features
yoco khumo print card machine

Yoco Go

Best for any business environment and can Print Receipts. Works as standalone card machine. Full touchscreen interface and comes with Free 4G Sim Card and unlimited data, also connects to Wifi. 

Yoco khumo and khumo print features
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How does Yoco Card Machines Work (Features)

All Yoco speedpoint card machines basically do the same thing, but differently – depending on the specific card machine you choose. They are all very reliable and fast, with capabilities of processing payments in less than 3 seconds. They all take card payments from any South African bank cards with either card insert, card tap and go (VISA/MasterCard & VISA Electron) and also support Apple Pay.

The intuitive and subtle design of Yoco swipe machines makes them easy to use, ensuring faster payments and serving more customers per day.

Yoco also provides its card machine owners with an online Point of Sale (PoS) software and a free mobile App that runs on Android and iOS. The PoS software and mobile App are very simple to use and do not require any technical training. The PoS and mobile App allow users to sell products online, send invoices to clients, view and manage sales records, send digital receipts, accept tips, etc.

How does Yoco Khumo, Khumo Print and Yoco Neo Work?

The Yoco Khumo, Khumo Print and Yoco Neo work as standalone speedpoint card machines and don’t require pairing with a phone or Yoco App to make transactions. 

The Khumo Print is the newest card machine launched in March 2022. The only major upgrade added to it is that it can print receipts on the spot. All the other three Yoco card machines are paperless and can only send digital receipts. 

For your convenience, the Yoco KhumoKhumo Print and Yoco Neo come with a Free 4G Sim Card with unlimited data from Yoco. They also have a larger screen interface to provide on-screen sales history for the past three days. The Yoco Khumo and Khumo Print also support WiFi.

Yoco Card Machine Reviews

All Yoco card machines have an awe-inspiring built quality in general. They were built using hard plastic casing similar to generic school maths calculators or lego toys. The card machines are all compact, pocket-sized, and lightweight. They do not break easily when accidentally dropped to hard floor surfaces.

However, the Yoco Khumo and Khumo Print need extra care, just like you’d do on a smartphone. They have a sizeable full-screen panel that might easily break if accidentally dropped on hard surfaces. Let’s review each Yoco machine individually:

1. Yoco Go review


From a practical standpoint and after using the Yoco Go for a few months, the Yoco Go is the best solution for any business owner who only transacts with occasional card clients on a given day.

yoco go card machine device

Review Breakdown

User Interface
Battery Life
yoco Go card machine - features

Current Price - R699

Discount Price - R599

How does Yoco Go Work – The Yoco Go is an entry-level card machine that works by pairing with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Yoco App. The Yoco App is used to charge clients and send digital receipts at the end of transactions. The phone must have a data or WiFi connection for Yoco Go to make a successful transaction with the App.

Yoco Go Best Use Scenarios – The YocoGo is great for hair salons/barbershops, laundromats, small restaurants and coffee shops, pop-up stands, farmers, tuckshops, guest houses and hospitalities, car dealerships, car washes, photographers and designers, office type of businesses, and generally any start-up level types of businesses.

The only downside of owning the Yoco Go is that you cannot make a transaction if your phone or tablet happens to be off.

Though the Yoco Go is limited to only working with phone pairing, I can guarantee it is a powerful card machine. It has a reliable battery life and is very easy to use. Also, it is the cheapest card machine on the market, currently retailing from R699 on Yoco’s website.

Yoco Go Design – The Yoco Go has an edgier look and feels with slightly rounded edges and an overall square feel. The design is classic and generic math calculator-like, with the light indicators kept to the top right in a small groove cut-out. The Yoco Go swipe machine has an LCD retro display with thick black bezels. The card insert slot is kept to the right of the card machine. The overall card machine is very small in terms of size. Here is a standalone: Full review and features of the Yoco Go card machine.

Yoco Khumo and Yoco Neo price comparison | Photo credits - Yoco South Africa

2. Yoco Khumo review

The Yoco Khumo is designed to look like a thicker modern smartphone. It has a large full-color HD touchscreen display, which takes about 90% of the total size of the card machine. The light indicators are kept to the top, and the card insert is to the bottom. Overall, the Khumo looks and feels very elegant. In my opinion, the Yoco Khumo’s design is more attractive compared to all other Yoco card machines. Here is a standalone: Full review and features of the Yoco Khumo card machine.

The Yoco Khumo is the best solution for any business scenario and any size business. Particularly those that get a queue of customers wanting to pay for something. These can be – busy restaurants, hair salons, supermarkets, medical practices, gyms, bars, taverns, etc.

This is because the Khumo is perfectly designed to be completely standalone. Even better, it has a full HD touch screen interface that allows you to do everything without the Yoco App’s need.

The only limitation to the Yoco Khumo is that it cannot print slip receipts. Like any other Yoco machine released before it, it can only send digital receipts. Though the inability to print pay slips is not a detrimental limitation, it is just something to think about.

3. Yoco Khumo Print review

The Khumo Print is designed to look no different from the Yoco Khumo, except it has a built-in printer for customer receipts.

The Khumo Print is basically the Yoco Khumo that can print receipts. So if you run a type of business where paper receipts matter, you should buy the Khumo Print. It’s a no-brainer.

4. Yoco Neo Review

The Yoco Neo’s design is clean and charismatic, with a high-quality feel. It has a very rounded design influence with a larger HD display that takes up nearly 40% of the front of the machine. It is satisfyingly bigger, slim and tall, yet also pocket-sized.

The Yoco Neo works precisely like the Yoco Khumo but without the touchscreen interface. The Neo is basically the mechanical version of the Yoco Khumo. There are no serious tradeoffs for owning the Yoco Neo today except that it is sometimes harder to justify its price compared to the Yoco Khumo.

yoco khumo vs yoco neo
Yoco Khumo and Yoco Neo price comparison | Photo credits - Yoco South Africa

Looking at the price comparison between the Yoco Neo and the Yoco Khumo, It just makes sense to buy the Khumo over the Neo. It is quite obvious that there is a trade off. Mind you, the Neo came before the Khumo and the Khumo was launched as an improvement to the Neo. Therefore, in conclusion, I recommend only buying the Yoco Neo if it is being sold at a significantly lower price than the Yoco Khumo, this way you can save a bit more on your capital investment.

Yoco Khumo and Khumo Print Design | Photo credits - Yoco South Africa
Yoco Go and Yoco Neo design | Photo credits - Yoco South Africa

Yoco Machine Price

Yoco card machines prices are generally between R699 – R2499. The price for buying a Yoco card machine is a once-off purchase, and no rental options are provided. Keep in mind that prices for Yoco card machines keep changing from time to time and nobody really knows when there could be massive price drops and for how long price drops would last.

yoco card machine price
Yoco Card Machines Sale | Photo credits - Yoco South Africa

Yoco Machine Discount

There are two ways you can get a discount if you want to buy a Yoco card machine on sale:

Method 1 for getting Yoco Discount

Ordering a Yoco machine directly from Yoco’s website through a Referral link or Discount link. This method allows you to save up to R100 on any card machine and you will also get a Free delivery for your card machine. Here is a direct signup link for buying Yoco at a Discount: Click here to purchase the Yoco Card machine at R100 discount>>

yoco referral link - Yoco discount
Yoco Card Machine Discount | Referral links

Method 2 for getting Yoco Discount

The second method for buying Yoco machines at a discount is through a Certified Yoco Reseller (a sales agent trained by Yoco to distribute card machines). You will have to contact the sales agent directly and purchase it from them. The Yoco reseller will also help you with the onboarding process or the entire process of setting up your newly purchased Yoco machine.

There are no guarantees for how much discount you can get through a Yoco Reseller agents and you might have to negotiate a price. 

Recommended Yoco Certified Reseller Direct WhatsApp

Recommended Yoco Certified Reseller Facebook Group

This reseller will give you these discounts:

  • Yoco Go: R150-R250
  • Yoco Khumo: R150-R250
  • Yoco Khumo Print: R150-R250
Click to Contact Yoco Certified Reseller via WhatsApp

Yoco Fees and Charges

Yoco currently charges a transaction fee of 2.95% (Excluding VAT) or 3.39% (including VAT). You get charged around R3.39 for every R100 or around 34 cents for every R10 you transacted.

There are no other hidden fees associated with owning a Yoco card machine. Meaning you will not be charged anything if you are not using the card machines.

In my opinion, Yoco’s transactional charges are pretty fair. I have not found any other card machine supplier in South Africa beating their fees or with a better fee structure that works well for small and growing business owners.

Yoco Card Machine Bank Payout Times

The Yoco’s payouts will reflect on your bank account within the following 1-2 business days, depending on the bank times of the transactions. My business banks with FNB, and we always get our payouts deposited in 2 business days for all the card transactions made before 19:00.

Yoco card machine Ordering Process, Delivery and Approval

When we ordered our first Yoco card machine, it was delivered in 2 business days. You might receive yours in 3 days if your delivery address is in outlying areas from major cities and towns. You will always get a phone-call or message from a courier on the day you order your card machine to arrange for your delivery.

Creating a Yoco account and filling in the required details takes only about 5 minutes. Once you have created an account, you will be required to download the Yoco App and upload a copy of your ID or Passport for verification. The FICA documents required can be uploaded through the Yoco App, Yoco’s website, or by emailing Yoco’s support team directly. The entire manual verification process can take about 1-2 business days.

From ordering the speedpoint to making your first transaction, the entire ordeal takes 2-3 business days.

yoco card machine price
Yoco Card Machines Sale | Photo credits - Yoco South Africa

Yoco card machine Battery Life review

Yoco claims to have improved the battery life on all their flagship card machine models. This improvement is noticeable if you have ever used the older Yoco Lite and Yoco Pro because the Yoco Lite and Yoco Pro drained the battery even when the speedpoint was not in use.

Though the battery life of any gadget is dependent on how much you use it. But in my recent experience, I can confirm that the newest Yoco card machine’s battery life is quite reliable. The newest Yoco card machines after the Yoco Pro can deliver up to full-day battery life and come with improved auto-power saving capabilities when not in use.

Yoco Customer Support

Yoco’s customer support experience is relative to how you contact them. At the time of this review, here’s how I have experienced Yoco customer support:

Yoco Phone customer support review

I have noticed that Yoco’s direct sales line always works, and the direct technical support line sometimes doesn’t work. If the technical support line is not working, you must call the sales department to be transferred to the customer support department. On the plus side, Yoco’s sales/technical support team always calls back for missed calls or if you run out of airtime while speaking to them.

Yoco Instant Web Chat support review

It is intuitive and gets speedy responses. Yoco’s website chat is my most preferred way to contact Yoco for most inquiries.

Yoco Social Media customer support review

I haven’t tried using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to send direct messages to Yoco. But looking at their social media activity, I can tell that they are very active on social media.

Yoco Email customer support review

Yoco’s email support is not quick. They generally respond the next day, and sometimes never, which can be frustrating. Hence, I recommend that you always follow up on your email inquiries to Yoco or use other ways to contact them.

Where to buy Yoco Card Machine?

You can buy the Yoco Card Machine directly from Yoco’s Website and their partner retail stores. e.g., Game Stores, HiFi Corp. Makro, Incredible Connections, Dion Wired, Takealot, Pep Cell, etc.

Nowadays, you can also buy a Yoco machine from a certified reseller distributing. The certified resellers are generally people trained by Yoco to help you understand the product, sell it to you, help you set up the machine, etc.

Final thoughts – Should you buy Yoco?

The simple answer is Yes! Yoco card machines really make managing customers’ payments easy and offer great satisfaction rates in comparison to other credit card machine providers, particulatily if your business will be receiving card payments for the first time. 

All Yoco credit card machines accept card payments from all major banks and process transactions at lightning speed, with no contracts or monthly fees. So you do get off-the-grid peace of mind with Yoco, particularly if you are a small business owner looking for a card machine that won’t cost you a lot in operational costs in the long run.

The newly launched standalone Yoco card machines (Yoco Khumo, Khumo Print & Yoco Neo) also mean large businesses can also use Yoco without any inconveniences. I always advise owners of large businesses against buying the Yoco Go because of the whole phone pairing ordeal. They Yoco Go is merely just an entry-level card machine and only works best on businesses that do not have high card transaction volumes.

With my years of experience using Yoco products, I have noticed that Yoco is always ahead in bringing new features to their ecosystem than any other card machine companies in South Africa. Making Yoco a reliable card payment processing company and an innovative technology company in South Africa. 

Lastly, Yoco’s customer support is not that bad, from phone support to instant chat on their website. So my final conclusion is that Yoco Card machines are worth purchasing because they can save your small business.

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