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With the rising popularity of contactless payments in South Africa, you may be considering a Yoco Khumo Card Machine for your business.

The Yoco Khumo Credit Card Reader Machine is by far, one of the most intelligent Yoco card machines that many people have praised for being so advanced, easy to use, and reliable in any business environment.

So you might be wondering, what else makes it stand out? how does it hold up in real life? should you be buying it? is there any Yoco Khumo Discount? etc.

So worry not! In this article, I provide you with a comprehensive Yoco Khumo Review, including everything you should know before buying it. I also provide you with the latest Yoco Khumo Specials or Discount.

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What is the Yoco Khumo Card Machine?

The Yoco Khumo card machine is a Completely Standalone, Full-HD touchscreen handheld card machine launched by Yoco in October 2021.

Completely Standalone” means the Yoco Khumo works entirely independently without needing to be paired with a phone, Yoco’s Point of Sale Software, or the Yoco App.

Unlike other Yoco card machines that came before it (Yoco Go and Yoco Neo) – The Yoco Khumo actually uses a custom version of Yoco’s POS software built into the card machine that can be updated regularly.

Another likable fact about the Yoco Khumo is that it was designed in-house by Yoco right here in South Africa. Yoco’s product development team claims to have spent over a year designing the Khumo to its perfection.

Unlike most other generic card machines brought in as imports or with a generic custom branded POS software. 

The Khumo design team was able to build most of its custom features with a South African business owner in mind, including the needs of small to large businesses, including informal businesses.

Making it a lot more intuitive, faster, affordable, and secure.

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Yoco Khumo review design
Yoco Khumo Card Machine | Src: https://blog.mashjoy.com

Yoco Khumo Best Features

1. It is Modern & Advanced

The Yoco Khumo stands out because it is the first Yoco card machine to have a Fully Responsive HD Touchscreen for an immersive user experience. Works just like modern smartphones.

The touchscreen allows you to do these main things: ✅

  1. View and manage sales records,
  2. Sign documents/receipts (Unique feature to personalize customer experience),
  3. Navigate settings as you’d do on a smartphone.
  4. More software enhancements continue to be added over updates.
Yoco Khumo card machine Screen
Yoco Khumo card machine | Src: https://yoco.com/za
Show All Yoco Khumo Features

Yoco Khumo Features

  • Full HD touch screen panel
  • 2x 4G Sim Cards with Free unlimited data for transactions (Vodacom & MTN)
  • Has a built-in paper receipts printer
  • Sends digital receipts via SMS or email for free
  • Built-in camera & microphone
  • Card Payments: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX Apple Pay, Samsung Pay via Card Insert, Swipe and Tap

Yoco Khumo Additional Features

  • Accept Tips: Yes
  • Process Refunds: Yes
  • Fast Charging: Yes
  • Digital Receipts: Yes (send receipts via SMS or email for Free)
  • Paper Receipts: Yes
  • Packaging: Yoco Khumo card machine, Charging cable, Lanyard, User manual, Yoco tabletop tent banner, Yoco stickers
Show Yoco Khumo Pros and Cons

Yoco Khumo Pros

  • Easy to setup and start using
  • Can be used by Registered and Unregistered businesses
  • Can be used on Business and Personal bank accounts
  • Ultra fast payment processing speeds (under 3 seconds)
  • Always connected/ reliable network connectivity
  • Do everything on the card machine (view products catalogue, process sales/refunds, manage sales records, add custom notes etc.)
  • All-day battery life

Yoco Khumo Cons

  • No rental option
2. It Provides Faster Connections & for Free

Another notable feature of the Yoco Khumo is Speed. The Khumo is very fast to process payments – takes about 1-3 seconds and gives a fluid navigation experience. 

If you have used most touchscreen devices priced below R999, you’ll probably relate to issues around input lag or network connectivity issues.

More to this, the Khumo is one of only a handful of Yoco Card Machines built to solve any network connectivity problems by connecting to any WiFi and using two 4G SIM cards (from Vodacom and MTN) as a backup.

The 4G mobile data is Unlimited and is provided for Free by Yoco. 

Other card machine companies make you pay around R50/mo for 4G mobile operational data.

This means, the Yoco Khumo, helps you save in the long run since you won’t have to pay extra for owning a card machine.

Yoco Khumo

Approx. Regular Price: R1199.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.
3. It Can Do Everything You Need

The Yoco Khumo can do everything you’d expect from any modern card machine today. These include: ✅

3.1 Payment methods: i.e The Yoco Khumo takes payments from any South African bank card through card/phone tap, card swipe, and card insert. It also takes mobile payments such as Apple and Samsung Pay.

3.2 Cards Accepted: The Yoco Kumho accepts all cards from South African main banks, as well as SASSA grant cards.

3.3. Battery Life: It also has an integrated rechargeable battery that lasts up to a full day from a single full charge.

4. No Need for Paper Rolls and Additional POS Hardware

To some people, perhaps the visible drawbacks of the Yoco Khumo are that it does not have a built-in printer or the capability to pair with Yoco POS. 

However, the inability to pair with Yoco POS might not be a big issue for everyone. Here’s why ✅:

  1. Lack of built-in printer – This isn’t a biggie at all since most shoppers these days prefer digital receipts sent via email/SMS rather than paper receipts.

Digital receipts are in actual-fact better because they can’t go missing, and they actually help reduce the clutter of paper in people’s lives.

Even more, as a business owner – you might find the whole hassle of constantly ordering and replacing print paper rolls to be a bit of a nuisance. 

Especially if you’re running a really busy business like a bar or restaurant where you just want to be collecting payments without worrying about many things.

     2. Doesn’t pair with Yoco POS – Also not a biggie at all because the features you need from the Yoco POS system (mobile app and online cloud software) are rightfully built right into the card machine itself.

You see, Yoco clearly understands that not everyone needs a POS card machine. 

POS machines are generally great for larger and more complex retail environments that need a lot of peripherals connected to the card machine. See some live-use examples below.

best card machine for restaurants - Yoco Khumo
yoco khumo use example

Examples of businesses that can use the Yoco Khumo machine | Src: https://yoco.com

Overall, for most business environments, The Yoco Khumo will be perfect as minimal as it is. 

It has all the necessary sensors and features to allow you to sign off on receipts, check sales records, take photos, or scan documents depending on what the built-in software can do.

Yoco Khumo

Approx. Regular Price: R1199.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.

Yoco Khumo card machine Price

The Yoco Khumo is priced in between its successor (Khumo Print) and entry-level predecessor (Yoco Go). 

It holds a price tag of about R699-R999 once-off depending on when you buy it. 

But worry not because if you need to buy the Yoco Khumo at a discount, you can actually get it today!

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Approx. Regular Price: R1199.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Where to buy the Yoco Khumo card machine?

You can purchase the Yoco Khumo card machine directly from Yoco’s website or through certified retailers that work with Yoco.

As mentioned earlier, when you order the Yoco Khumo directly from Yoco’s website using this Discount Referral Link↗︎, you’ll also receive Free Delivery. It’s a great perk!

How to order the Yoco Khumo Online:

Step 1: Visit Yoco’s website and click Get Started. Or Go to The Direct Sign-Up Page

How to get Yoco card machine - Step 1

Step 2: Visit Yoco’s website and click Get Started. Or Go to The Direct Sign-Up Page

There are several retail stores where you can find the Yoco Khumo, such as Takealot, Incredible Connection, Hi-Fi Corp, Game Store, Pep Cell, Makro, and more.

However, buying from retailers does have one drawback: you won’t be eligible for the R100-R500 discount for first-time buyers.

Yoco Khumo

Discount and Free Delivery when you sign up with Yoco and Order Online for the first time.

How it works: Standalone with full HD touchscreen.

Available Discount:


Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.

Additionally, when purchasing from a retailer, you’ll still need to go through the online application process and ensure that your card machine’s serial number is linked to your Yoco Merchant Account Profile. 

This step can take an extra day or two compared to buying online, as Yoco’s sales team manually verifies your information.

That’s why I recommend saving yourself the hassle of petrol, time, and parking fees by simply ordering online directly from Yoco’s website↗︎.

When you place your order online, you get to complete the registration right away. 

This means that by the time your newly purchased card machine arrives, it will already be configured to your account and working. 

You’ll just have to finalise a few settings upon switching it on for the first time.

For online orders, Yoco typically delivers within 2-3 business days, depending on your address. 

And here’s the cherry on top: Yoco offers a pay-upon-delivery option, making the whole process even more convenient.

So, go ahead and order your Yoco Khumo online↗︎ today for a seamless purchasing experience and cost saving benefits!

Yoco Khumo Design and Built Quality

The Yoco Khumo machine features a very beautiful, slim, Cyan color pocket-sized design that looks like most modern smartphones. 

The card machine’s buttons are kept to the sides and the NFC card tap sensor is kept at the back of the card machine.

The card insert groove on the Yoco Kumho machine is placed at the bottom of the card machine.

Yoco khumo card machine features
Yoco Khumo Portable Card Machine Design

In terms of built quality – I’d be honest, the Khumo wasn’t built to be the toughest item out there, though it does meet the minimum requirements of being drop-proof and dustproof. 

It can sustain some normal dirt and dust, but at the same time, 

I can’t tell you how waterproof and how much pressure it can sustain if dropped.

However, it is built quite well, the plastic encasing seems very tough and gives a very firm grip.

The full HD touchscreen panel is just like most standard phones and tablets. Nothing too fancy, just useful and crisp with high-definition image quality.

For this reason, I’d say it does need a bit of extra care since it is not a bulletproof quality device. It actually needs similar care to a typical touchscreen smartphone. 

If you move around a lot, I’d advise you always keep it strapped to your body using the free lanyard that Yoco provides in the package. If you use it on a countertop table, just avoid dropping it.

If you need a very tough standalone Yoco card machine that is more durable than the Khumo, I recommend you check out the Yoco Neo↗︎.

Yoco khumo card machine unboxing
Yoco Khumo Unboxing | Src: https://blog.mashjoy.com

Yoco Khumo Camera

As mentioned before, The Yoco Khumo has built-in front and back camera sensors. The back camera also has a flash.

So You might be wondering what the use of a camera on a card machine is.

The main use of the Yoco Khumo camera is for you to take photos or scan uploads required to complete the registration process of your Yoco’s Merchant account (Generally a copy of your ID and proof of your banking details) and a selfie of yourself for FICA requirements.

In the future, the Yoco Khumo camera will be used for scanning barcodes for payments.

Yoco Khumo Camera
Yoco Khumo Camera | Src: https://blog.mashjoy.com

Remember, this card machine is meant to be a completely standalone card machine that does not pair with Yoco’s POS. 

So these sensors are there to help you do everything entirely from the card machine without the need to use your phone or the Yoco App.

The main benefit of having the camera built-in is for those who generally own phones with poor camera quality.

Final Takeaways - Should You Buy The Yoco Khumo

The simple answer is a resounding YES!

The Yoco Khumo is a smart card reader machine that costs very little compared to other card reader machines that you might have experienced before.

It is strategically designed for every business to use,  Be it a small or a large one like a busy restaurant, supermarket, or business with multiple employees/cashiers.

Also, this card machine has earned its trust and recognition in the SMMEs market, hence its overwhelming positive popularity.

Reasons to probably skip the Yoco Khumo ⛔️

  1. You prefer a Yoco card machine that can print receipts – In this case, I recommend buying the Khumo Print or iKhokha Shaker Solo.
  2. You prefer a POS Yoco card machine that is also a standalone machine and without the fragility of a touchscreen – In this case, I recommend buying the Yoco Neo
Khumo Print

Approx. Regular Price: R1999.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.
Yoco Neo

Approx. Regular Price: R1499.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Standalone Card Machine, Ultra Fast 4G SIM card with Free Unlimited data. Integrates with Yoco POS.


Thank you for spending some time reading this article, I hope that you enjoy your new card machine as much as I do.

Please consider sharing it or joining our mailing list for more updates on Yoco Discounts and Updates.

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