Here’s why the iKhokha Flyer is Replacing All Other Card Machines in South Africa

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If you’re tired of expensive, clunky card machines and outdated payment solutions in South Africa, then this iKhokha Flyer review article is for you.

Today i’m excited to share with you why the iKhokha Flyer is taking the South African business scene by storm.

We’ll explore what makes the iKhokha Flyer stand out, why it’s the perfect choice for small businesses, and how it outshines the competition.

I will also show you how to buy the iKhokha Flyer for sale, with free delivery and free profile setup assistance by iKhokha’s team.

So, let’s dive in!

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What is iKhokha Flyer and How It Works?

The iKhokha Flyer Card Machine represents the next generation of Point-of-Sale compatible devices that iKhokha makes.

Since the iK flyer is a point of sale card reader machine, This means you can pair it with any additional POS hardware from iKhokha to build a full cashier’s till, 

Alternatively, you can just use it as it is or with the help of iKhokha’s free point of sale mobile App,

It was launched in the fall of 2022, as an incremental upgrade to the iKhokha Shaker Solo.

With its impressive features like a Full HD touchscreen, fast-charging battery base, and built-in printer, this portable card reader is a force to be reckoned with.

what is iKhokha flyer card machine?

iKhokha Flyer card machine demo

Moreover, It operates independently without the need to be paired with a phone or iKhokha’s App and uses WiFi or dual 4G SIM cards for uninterrupted connectivity.

The two SIM cards that it uses are from MTN and Vodacom. Providing you with optimal network coverage in comparison to other mobile network providers in South Africa. 

In practice, the two SIM cards will rescue each other whenever one is down. There is a setting in the card machine that allows you to choose which network you prefer to use at a time.

Just like any other iKhokha card machine↗︎, The iK Flyer takes card payments from all major South African bank card and can also be used to sell prepaid services.

Last, It works with card tap, phone tap, card insert and card swipe. See quick demo below.

iKhokha card machine retail demo | Src:

Who Should Consider the iKhokha Flyer?

Based on the advanced functionalities of this card machine, The iKhokha flyer is best for both small and larger businesses, and even those who prefer to do business at trade shows, events and expos.

By design, the iKhokha Flyer is a Point of Sale Card reader machine. 

This also make it ideal even for most larger retailers, hospitality businesses, restaurants and pubs, and most brick and mortar stores who prefer having some sort of cashier’s till setup.

iKhokha Flyer card machine 1
iKhokha card machine retail demo | Src:

iKhokha Flyer Price in South Africa

The iKhokha Flyer price ranges from R999 – R1499.

Based on its price, the iKhokha flyer ends up being one of the most all inclusive card machines that is reasonably cheaper in comparison, and without any tradeoffs.

Remember, other card machines, that are in similar spec to the iKhokha Flyer are priced from approximately R2000 – R4000. 

See how all card machines in South Africa compare Here↗︎

But do not have the capability to vend prepaid services like iKhokha.

Overall, I find the the iKhokha Flyer as the best companion for any business scenario. And for the long term.

5 Reasons why it is better than Competition

1. Integration with iKhokha POS

The iKhokha Flyer isn’t just a standalone card machine; it seamlessly pairs with iKhokha’s Point of Sale (POS) to give you even more card payment benefits.

This versatility allows you to connect it with other accessories, such as barcode scanners, tablets, cash registers, thermal printers etc. Ultimately creating a full tabletop till point.

iKhokha Point of Sale demo
iKhokha Flyer POS intergrations | Src:

By integrating the Flyer with iKhokha POS, you unlock a range of benefits for your business:

  1. Streamlined Operations: Manage inventory, track sales, and generate reports in one place. You can also monitor your business performance from multiple devices at any remote location.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Process transactions smoothly, and provide accurate receipts for a professional customer experience.
  3. Inventory Management: Keep track of stock levels, receive low inventory notifications, and make informed restocking decisions.
  4. Automatic backups: Three times a day for all sales activities, using secure cloud storage services.
  5. For more benefits, see our review of iKhokha POS here↗︎.

Integrating the iKhokha Flyer with iKhokha POS empowers your business for growth and expansion in retail and other complex physical store scenarios.

2. Includes a Free Fast and Secure Charging Base

The iKhokha Flyer is designed to keep your business running smoothly all day long.

It comes with a high-capacity removable battery that would typically give you an all day battery life.

But that’s not all! The Flyer also includes a complimentary fast-charging battery base, no more dealing with tangled cables or searching for power outlets.

ikhokha flyer charging base 1
ikhokha flyer charging base 2

The fast-charging battery base really adds convenience, allowing you to recharge quickly between transactions.

As you can see, with the Flyer, you can continue processing payments even during load shedding since your battery will always be suffiectly charged.

3. Sell Prepaid Services and Print Vouchers

Another fantastic feature of the iKhokha Flyer is its ability to sell prepaid services and print vouchers directly from the card machine itself or from wherever you are with your customer.

With the Flyer, you can offer a wide range of prepaid options such as airtime, electricity, mobile data, DStv subscriptions, and more.

Selling prepaid services creates an additional revenue stream for your business, attracting customers who appreciate the convenience of one-stop shopping.

And the best part?, there’s no need for a separate application—iKhokha’s prepaid vending feature is seamlessly integrated into the Flyer. It saves you time and simplifies your operations.

Overall, customers will love the convenience of topping up airtime, paying bills, and purchasing prepaid services right at your point of sale.

4. Seamless Touchscreen Operation

The iKhokha Flyer’s high definition touchscreen interface provides a user-friendly experience and makes everything effortlessly intuitive.

Now, don’t get me wrong, non touchscreen card machines with buttons are still great.

It’s just that you will need to have them connected to the iKhokha App or iKhokha POS software to handle some of POS operations with ease.

Powered by a customized version of the Android OS, the Flyer incorporates all of iKhokha’s App POS functions right at your fingertips.

This seamless integration means you can navigate through transactions, manage sales, refunds, do cash ups, accept tips, sell prepaid services and access valuable insights without any external software or apps.

What’s more, the Flyer undergoes regular updates to ensure the highest level of secure card transactions.

5. It is the Cheapest

And best for last, The iKhokha Flyer beats any competition in price.

With comparable functionality to other popular options like Yoco Khumo Print and WAPPoint Print POS, the Flyer just seems to be the most affordable option overall.

Buy iKhokha Flyer Now with EXTRA 10% Discount, Free Delivery and Setup Help

Get iK Flyer Online with Free Delivery and Free Setup. Visit iKhokha Registration Page↗︎ to Register and Purchase at A Discount!

Used 803 Times
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iKhokha Flyer Registration Form - Ordering Online

Ordering the iKhokha Flyer online is quick and easy.

To begin, simply fill out this registration form, provide your basic business details, and select the Flyer as your preferred device.

After submitting your online registration form, you will get contacted back by a sales consultant from iKhokha, who will then help you with setting up your iKhokha profile, FICA and completing your purchase.

Once everything is done, you will receive your card machine within 2-4 business days and it will already be fully activated and working.


Overall, The iKhokha Flyer Card Machine is a very thoughtfully designed point-of-sale device that is transforming the way businesses process payments in South Africa.

With its low price, speed, convenience, and secure transactions, it totally outshines other card machines in the market.

Its integration with iKhokha’s POS system allows for seamless connection with accessories, streamlining operations and providing inventory management.

With a high-capacity removable battery and fast-charging base, the Flyer ensures uninterrupted service, even during load shedding.

It also enables selling prepaid services directly from the card machine, adding convenience and expanding revenue streams.

Plus, The intuitive touchscreen interface and secure card transactions make the Flyer a user-friendly and reliable choice.
As you can see, we can go on and on all day talking about the iK Flyer.

Therefore, in closing, i’d say If you really like this card machine, you can order it now directly from iKhokha by filling in this quick order form.

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