What Is Shared Hosting, Benefits & How Does It Work?

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Are you looking into web hosting plans for your new website or blog and came across the term shared web hosting? If you plan to start your online business, it is always best to start on a web hosting plan that will not limit you with server web hosting requirements. Most importantly, your startup hosting must be cheaper. 

In this article, I help you understand what is shared hosting, how does it work in comparison to other forms of web hosting, its benefits and recommendations of some of the best shared hosting providers in the industry.

What is shared hosting and How does it work?

With Shared Web Hosting hundreds if not thousands of websites/businesses all share one physical machine and web hosting resources such as IP, RAM, CPU etc. This makes shared hosting the most affordable form type of web hosting in comparison with other hosting types such as VPS and dedicated web hosting. 

This is why most web hosting providers such as Bluehost and NameHero are now using the term “shared hosting” to describe low-cost, non-dedicated-server web hosting plans.

Due to its lowest hosting costs, shared web hosting is the perfect type of hosting for bloggers, e-commerce stores and small-medium sized businesses looking to host a personal or business website on a high-speed cloud web hosting server.

Benefits of Shared web hosting?

Recommended web hosting companies for shared hosting

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