7 Best Point of Sale Systems in South Africa | Reviewed

Best Point of Sale Systems South Africa - POS Systems in South Africa

Are you tired of using outdated, clunky cash registers and payment terminals at your retail store? Do you want to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your sales transactions? If so, then you need to upgrade to a modern point of sale (POS) system.

Choosing the best POS System (POS Hardware and Software) for your business in South Africa requires more than just a few minutes on Google to read numerous customer reviews and find out if it suits your needs.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best Point Of Sale systems on the market, and discuss the key features and benefits of each one.

Overall, We help you understand how each Retail POS system may be the best fit for your business and provide you with details to get in touch with the South African POS companies listed.

Best Point Of Sale Systems South Africa - July 2024

iKhokha POS
Custom POS packages including software, card machines, coin/cash registers, tablets, stands, network printers, LTE routers, etc. Upfront purchase or Finance options available.
Yoco POS
Get Started with Yoco POS and sell products faster: Accept tips, manage tables, tabs, and split bills, Offer discounts, promos, and refunds with a few clicks.
Custom POS packages including with All in one cloud POS software, card machines, and Tablet POS device. Rental and Once Off Payment options are available for all hardware.
Digitot POS
Digitot POS is the best system for small and large hospitality businesses, restaurants, hotels, as well as franchised systems in the hospitality and restaurants sector.
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What is a Point of Sale System?

A Point of Sale (POS) system is a computerised system that is used to process transactions at a retail store or other business.

POS systems typically consist of a combination of Hardware (POS Hardware) and Software (POS Software) that is used to track inventory, manage customer data, and process sales transactions.

POS systems are typically used for transaction processing in all retail environments, restaurants, franchises, hotels, or service providers etc.

POS Systems in South Africa
Example of POS system at a retail store | Scr: https://blog.mashjoy.com

The hardware components of a POS system typically include a computer, a cash drawer/register or payment terminal, a printer, and a barcode scanner or other special input device.

The software component of a POS system is typically used to manage inventory, process transactions, and generate reports, analyse sales and other data in the entire checkout system.

Therefore, by using a POS system, Your South African business can reduce the time and effort required to process transactions, and can access real-time data and insights to help them make better business decisions.

List of Best Point of Sale System Companies in South Africa (Ranked):


iKhokha POS

Ikhokha has been in the Point of Sale Systems industry for over 10 years.

They offer advanced globally recognised POS system (software and hardware) tailor-made for small businesses, retail, hospitality, and larger enterprises. 

All iKhokha POS systems work in harmony with all their card machines which are arguably the cheapest in the market.

What We Like About iKhokha POS:

One thing we like about iKhokha Point of Sale↗︎  is that they offer a range of options for different budgets and they supply everything you’ll ever need – as a one dealer for everything.

Whether you want to start small and upgrade later, or buy everything at once, they have a variety of all essential POS accessories for you.

ikhokha point of sale demo - ikhokha POS
iKhokha Point of Sale System components / retail shop demo

Another thing to like is their free mobile app, which runs on Android and iOS devices.

The app allows you to monitor and manage transactions for your store(s) from any remote location.

This app not only tracks your sales activity, but also allows you to sell prepaid services like airtime, mobile data, Dstv payments, and Telkom bills.

If you have a very large business like a retail store, restaurant or chains of restaurants and drinking places, hotels and enterprise, they also offer advanced POS software and hardware units for such busy operations.

If you have a small business or just wanting to have a speedpoint card machine, iKhokha has some budget friendly card machines to choose from. Starting at around R399.

In terms of POS hardware, iKhokha offers the ability to buy components individually or as bundled packages.

Plus, their hardware is only paid for once, without any monthly fees.

Who is it for? In my collective opinion, iKhokha POS is a top-notch point-of-sale system that i’m happy to recommend to anyone in general – except if you are looking for industry-specific equipment that iKhokha may not have.

Overall, I find iKhokha’s POS system to be a perfect fit for retail, hospitality, industrial, and larger enterprises, encompassing both physical stores and online businesses.

iKhokha POS Pricing:

iKhokha provides all in one ready made POS bundle units that pair with any of their card machines. They provide you options to pay upfront or using a finance option.

Starting at R9999 incl. VAT or build a custom setup for less. See options below:✅

On top of the free iKhokha cloud POS software and free mobile App. iKhokha also provide advanced POS software for larger businesses. See options below:

Additional Point of Sale Hardware Components:✅

iKhokha POS hardware accessories

How to buy – iKhokha’s team wants to ensure that you have the best setup for your budget and that it is setup properly.

Therefore to begin ordering, fill in this quick registration form. Thereafter, a consultant from iKhokha will contact you back and discuss your requirements in detail, answer all your questions, help you with the best recommendation and even schedule you a free product demo at your shop.

Final Verdict on iKhokha POS:

As you can see, the only biggest advantage for choosing iKhokha is that they are a single dealer for everything you’ll ever need now and for the future.

Compared to the competition, they offer a much wider range of cutting-edge POS hardware and software products.

Making them a great option for growth, since you can easily add on POS hardware accessories when you choose to expand your setup.

iKhokha POS
Get iKhokha POS with Free Demo and Setup

To get started, simply fill out this form and a consultant from iKhokha will be in touch.

Avail. Discount:
Globally Recognised Software and Hardware. Upfront purchase or Finance options available.

Yoco POS

Yoco Point of Sale Software is a great option for businesses that need to streamline their operations and increase efficiency using minimal POS hardware and world-class cloud-based POS software for free.

The software offers a wide range of features that can help you run your business more smoothly and effectively, including inventory management, reporting tools, employee management, invoicing, eCommerce integration and more.

What We Like About Yoco POS:

One thing that stands out about Yoco’s POS is that their software and mobile data to use card machines are totally free. And for a lifetime!

In Yoco’s POS. The cloud based software and mobile App is what supercharges everything, and provides more digital payment options and more e-commerce payment gateways than all the options in this list.

It combines the best features of cloud-based accounting software with those of enterprise-specific POS software.

With Yoco, The hardware provided is simplified to just card machines and a few card machine peripherals such as chargers, stands, and print rolls.

Yoco Point of Sale System
Yoco Point of Sale | Src: https://yoco.com/za

Therefore, to gain full access into Yoco POS and use all digital and card payment payment features, You’ll only need to first sign up online and purchase one of their card machines. 

The signup process is one of the quickest. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and includes filling in your info/business information, downloading the app, uploading your FICA documents and get instant verification. 

Thereafter, you’ll just have to wait for your card machine delivery which is typically 2-3 business days depending on your address location. 

Read Here to understand how Yoco card work and see all various options available.

Yoco POS Pricing:

Approx. Price for Card Machines: R499 – R1999.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website

Final Verdict on Yoco POS:

Overall, I find Yoco Point of Sale System is a great choice for anyone looking to get all the advantages of a digital POS system without risking high capital costs.

All their card machines are paid for once off, all software and app features are free and you only get charged on transaction fees, which are also arguably low.

if You need to buy one of Yoco card machines, here is a Referral Signup Discount Link You can Use. The discount ranges between R100 to R500 and is determined by Yoco themselves.

When you sign-up with Yoco for the first time, your delivery for the card machine will be free. 

Yoco’s POS software and app are really good, with a simplified modern look and feel ,and professional POS features.

Therefore, Yoco is my best recommendation to business owners who prefer to handle most of their sales leveraging only advanced card machines and digital tools.

Yoco POS
R100 OFF & Free Delivery on Yoco POS Card Machines

Buy Any Yoco Card Machine Online and save an extra R100 Off. No coupon code needed.

All-in-one POS Software and card machines. Free Delivery on All Card Machines.


WAPPoint offers a fully customisable Point of Sale system for small businesses. 

They also have software for desktop and mobile, cloud-based POS solutions and prepaid services vending services.

The company also has all the necessary hardware, maily card machines and fully integrated POS units that you can buy to own, rent to own or just rent.

Here’s our review of WAPPoint card machines and how their card machine rentals work.

The WAPPoint team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the system.

What We Like About WAPPoint POS.

If you could combine some of the best features of all the POS software companies, you would get WAPPoint.

What sets WAPPoint apart is that they have been in the industry for over 20 years and have built a reputation for excellent customer service, good pricing, and addressing small frustrations.

What also sets WAPPoint apart is its product offering. They offer a cloud-based POS system like Yoco, but also provide all the necessary hardware like iKhokha.

WAPPoint Point of Sale Tablet POS and Card Machines | Src: https://wappoint.co.za

In addition, they offer several unique features that other companies don’t have:

First, they allow you to rent their equipment for short-term events and expos, as well as for the long term. Plus, you can even get insurance (extended warranty) for your equipment at a lower cost than if you used a third-party provider.

Second, they offer 24/7 customer service, which is not common among other POS companies. They have a large team of staff and resources available to help you resolve any problems at any time.

For example, if you accidentally break your card machine at a trade show, WAPPoint will immediately send someone to deliver a replacement on the spot.

Third, they assign you a dedicated account manager who can help you with all aspects of using your POS software, and negotiate fees as your business grows. Overall, we think WAPPoint is a top-notch POS software company with a lot to offer.

WAPPoint POS Pricing:

  • WAPPoint Point Of Sale App & Desktop /Cloud Software: Free – R285/month
  • Rental card machines from: R79/month – R399/month
  • Once Off purchase card machines from: R999 – R3899
  • Tablet POS Card Machine: R999/month (Rental) or R999 (Once OFF)
    GET A CALL BACK or START 30 Days Free POS Trial

Final Verdict on WAPPoint POS:

As you can see, WAPPoint fills in the gap in price, quality, and customer support very well.

They offer a well-rounded POS service that is backed by their reputation as a reputable company that is available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you’re interested in starting with WAPPoint, it’s easy to sign up on their website (www.wappoint.co.za) and browse their products.

Or, you can simply fill out this form and a consultant from WAPPoint will contact you to answer your questions and recommend the best POS system for your business.

Get WAPPoint POS with 30 Days Free Trial

To get started, simply fill out this form and a consultant from WAPPoint will be in touch. or Visit Website

Avail. Discount:
Point Of Sale App & Desktop /Cloud Software. Rental & Once Off Purchase options are Available.

Digitot POS

Digitot POS is the best system for small and large hospitality businesses, restaurants, hotels, as well as franchised systems in the hospitality and restaurants sector.

Once you have it set up, your business will run smoothly, from stock intakes to billing customers from anywhere in your business.

What We Like About Digitot POS:

What makes Digitot stand out is that they are a specialist in the hospitality and restaurant industry, offering POS systems and industry-specific equipment that integrates seamlessly with their POS.

Their industry-specialised POS system can be installed in small/simple business environments or on advanced large business setups such as a hotel with transactional spots such as a reception, restaurant, a pub, fitness centre and events venue centre.

Also, Digitot provide technicians to handle the setup and wiring of the POS, and installations of custom equipment such as POS-operated beverage dispensers, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

One of the unique features of Digitot is their ability to customise their systems to meet the specific needs of each business.

In addition, Digitot offers a range of equipment and solutions for hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and pubs, helping businesses automate and streamline their sales and operations.

Digitot POS Pricing:

  • All in one custom POS Software: Free – Paid Rentals Options/month
  • Stock control barcode scanner from R250/month


Final Verdict on Digitot POS:

If you’re hardcore involved in the restaurant or hospitality industry, You’d understand the importance of having a POS system that can track all of your transactions from every part of your business.

Overall, We think Digitot is one of the best options out there because it has robust reporting capabilities and includes all the hardware and support you’ll need.

For small businesses, it’s hard to say that Digitot is much different from other systems like iKhokha, WAPPoint, Yoco, and Adumo, but it’s a good option to start with because you won’t need to replace your equipment as your business grows.

For larger restaurants and hospitality businesses, Digitot is simply a perfect choice.

If you’re considering Digitot, it’s best to speak to a consultant (Book Free Consultation Here) who can provide personalised recommendations based on your needs and budget. You can book a consultation here.

Digitot POS
Get Digitot POS – Request A Call Back

To get started, simply fill out this form and a consultant from Digitot will be in touch.

Avail. Discount:
Specialised POS system for hospitality businesses and restaurants. Best for All Business Sizes.

SureSwipe POS now Adumo POS

Adumo (formerly Sureswipe) is an all-in-one POS Solution for retail, restaurants hospitality, and many other service-based businesses such as car rental, hair salons, beauty, building & construction, pharmaceutical, and medical. 

They have payment solutions that allow businesses to process traditional POS transactions as well as alternative payment methods such as digital payments from online stores and shareable payment links.

What We Like About Adumo POS

There are a few things we really like about Adumo:

First, they’ve been around since 2008, so they have a lot of experience in the payments processing industry.

Second, they offer a wide range of products, including card machines and an integrated POS system that can be used for almost any industry or business.

What sets them apart is that they also offer solutions for customers to pay through finance options, recurring subscriptions, or layby systems.

They also have 24/7 customer support and on-site technical support, plus access to a dedicated manager.

Like other companies on this list, they also offer business funding and customer loyalty programs.

Overall, we think Adumo is a great option for businesses looking to grow or those that would like to adopt most of the systems used by much large retailers.

Adumo POS Pricing:

  • Adumo offers custom pricing for all of their products. If you’re interested in getting a POS system for your business, you can Request a Call Back from Adumo to help you choose the right one for you.

Final Verdict on Adumo POS:

The Adumo Point of Sale system is a great option for businesses looking to grow and provide customers with various payment options.

Its products are widely adopted by well-known vendors in industries such as retail and automotive.

With 24/7 customer support, on-site technical staff, and dedicated account managers. Adumo also ensures that businesses experience minimal downtime and offers competitive prices for both small and large businesses.

If you’re interested in using Adumo’s POS, it’s recommended that you speak with a consultant to get the perfect recommendation for your business. To get started, you can 📧 fill out the Quick Order Form.

Adumo POS

Supercharge your Business with Adumo POS

To get started, simply fill out this form and a consultant from Adumo will be in touch.

Avail. Discount:
POS Software and Card machine options. Accept more payments Digitally and with Alternative Methods.

HRK Retail POS

HRK is a specialist in providing POS solutions for a variety of industries, including liquor stores, butcheries, hardware stores, and the hospitality industry.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise and knowledge to provide customized retail POS systems to meet the unique needs of each business.

What We Like About HRK Retail POS

HRK Retail is a specialist in providing customised POS Systems for Liquor stores, Butcheries, Hardware stores, Hospitality industry.

By being a specialist – they are able to do even more for you, from having customised software to having custom hardware installed in your store.

Their POS is mostly focused on helping you be up to speed with managing stock, invoicing, credit control, barcodes and labelling, and advanced sales reporting.

They also offer custom hardware such as fruits & veg scales, butchery meat scales, meal scales, card machines, barcode scanners, and monitors/screens that you can buy as singles or full packages.

HRK Retail Point of Sale for retail
HRK Retail Point of Sale system | Src:https://hrk.co.za

They also have a team of on-field technicians and specialists to help you with any technical issues, installations, setup, and the rest.

HRK Retail POS Pricing:

  • HRK Retail offers custom pricing for all of their products. If you’re interested in getting a POS system for your business, you can request a call back from HRK Retail to help you choose the right one for you.


Final Verdict on HRK Retail POS:

Overall, HRK Retail is a great specialist in providing customised POS systems and hardware for a variety of industries.

If you own a liquor store, butchery, hardware or a hospitality business, it is a good idea to start by looking at tailor-made POS solutions, Of which HRK Retail seems like a great place to start.

If you are considering HRK Retail, we recommend Booking a Free Consultation and speak with a consultant to find the best solution for your business. You can book a free consultation through this booking form.

HRK Retail POS
Get HRK Retail POS with Free Demo

To get started, simply fill out this form and a consultant from HRK Retail will be in touch.

Avail. Discount:
Point of Sale Hardware and Software for liquor stores, butcheries, hardware stores, and hospitality.

InTouch POS

InTouchPOS offers a wide range of advanced, feature-rich point-of-sale systems for restaurants, cafes, and businesses alike.

Their POS systems are designed to help businesses improve efficiency and increase profitability.

InTouchPOS’s product line includes POS workstations, tablet ordering systems, dual display screens, and self-service kiosks, among other items. These solutions are suitable for both startups and established businesses.

What We Like About InPoint POS

InTouchPOS offers POS systems for specific types of restaurants, including bars, nightclubs, cafes, delis, and bakeries, as well as reservation and table management systems you see in most busy restaurants.

What makes InTouch POS unique is that they are also a specialist in the types of businesses they service.

Which allows them to develop even more advanced payment solutions for the dynamics of that sector.

For example, InTouch POS can do the following:

  1. Contactless Customer Experience – which allows customers to scan a QR code on their table to view the menu and place their order directly from their phone. This reduces the need for waiter service and can improve the customer experience.
  2. InTouchPOS’s Self-Ordering Kiosks – also offer benefits for restaurants, as they speed up the ordering process and can help to reduce congestion and staff-customer contact. These kiosks were particularly valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic when many restaurants had to implement measures to reduce contact and maintain operations.
  3. Drive-Thru Systems for restaurants  are designed to streamline the ordering process and improve efficiency at the drive-thru window.
  4. Delivery Service Integration – allows restaurants to easily offer food delivery options without incurring high costs.
  5. Digital Ordering Capabilities – allows Customers to view menus, book tables, and place orders directly from a restaurant’s website/App.

In addition to these features, InTouchPOS offers POS systems for specific types of restaurants, including bars, nightclubs, cafes, delis, and bakeries.

Overall, InTouchPOS accommodates the needs of small and large restaurants altogether. For larger restaurants, they offer a variety of features that you simply won’t find with any other product.

InTouch POS Pricing:

  • InTouch POS offers custom pricing for all of their products. If you’re interested in getting a POS system for your business, you can Request a Call Back from InTouch to help you choose the right one for you.

Final Verdict on InPoint POS:

In Conclusion, InTouchPOS is a top-rated point-of-sale system for restaurants. Their advanced customisability and features is what makes them a leader in the industry.

Their wide range of products and support for various business models and operational procedures make them a great choice for any restaurant looking to improve their efficiency and customer experience.

If you are considering InTouchPOS, we recommend speaking with a consultant to find the best solution for your business. You can book a free consultation through their booking form.

InTouch POS
Get InTouch POS with Free Demo

To get started, simply fill out this form and a consultant from InTouch will be in touch.

Avail. Discount:
Specialised POS Systems for restaurants, cafes, fast food, and businesses alike.

Which Point Of Sale Software System Should You Choose?

As you have seen, the point of sale systems above will benefit each individual’s business differently.

Below, I have summarised how each point-of-sale system may benefit you, mainly looking at the budget and best-use scenarios.

Best for Budget ✅

If you’re a small, medium, or growing-large business, the best options for budget-friendly POS systems are iKhokha, Yoco, and WAPPoint (in that order).

  1. iKhokha offers all-in-one POS system combos and specialised POS solutions for retail, hospitality, and enterprise at slightly lower prices compared to every competitor. iKhokha is simply a great product that is just cheaper in price.
  2. Yoco has low-priced card machines and a versatile software that can be used for any type of business. With Yoco, you can run a small business more affordably using simple hardware and a powerful POS software.
  3. WAPPoint is the best option for rentals and custom POS configurations. They may be slightly more expensive than Yoco and iKhokha, but they actually do some things better than Yoco and iKhokha in evaluation.

Best for Restaurants ✅

If you’re in the restaurants and cafes business, the best options are Digitot and InTouch POS. They are specialised and allow you to manage a network of restaurants in a single system.

You can also consider companies with a broader range of products, such as iKhokha, WAPPoint, Adumo and HRK Retail. They too also have Specialised POS Systems that are well-suited for fast-paced restaurants.

Yoco is also a good option for restaurants – but probably not all of them.

Yoco sales software is more general and not very specific to a specific industry like restaurants. Making it only best for restaurants who wouldn’t mind general sales software. e.g. smaller cafes, delis, small restaurants etc.

Best for Retail and All Other Industry ✅

Retail is a broad niche, and many POS systems can work in different environments. However, the best POS systems for retail are iKhokha, Yoco, WAPPoint, Adumo, and HRK Retail.

  1. iKhokha – Usually the most affordable option for the same quality. Best for if you need well-integrated POS hardware and retail-specific POS software as a once-off purchase option.
  2. Yoco – If you need advanced cloud-based POS software that is not necessarily retail-specific, but helps you sell things in many more digital ways. They also sell card machines that are also very affordable
  3. WAPPoint – If you need well-integrated POS hardware and retail-specific POS software as a once-off purchase option or as a rental.
  4. Adumo – If you need more growth-specific POS features which are being used by really large retailer brands. They also cater to smaller businesses as well.
  5. HRK Retail – If you need a tailor-made POS system for fast-paced liquor stores, butcheries, hardware stores, and hospitality businesses.

Best for Multi Stores ✅

If you’re looking for a POS system that can handle multiple retail stores, Adumo (SureSwipe) is your best bet. They specialise in this area, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing.

WAPPoint comes in a close second, with their 24/7 support and customizable POS solutions.

iKhokha and Yoco are also good options, but they may not have as many features specifically geared towards multi-store businesses, so they are case-dependent.

If budget is a concern, iKhokha, Yoco, and WAPPoint are all great choices that won’t break the bank.


We understand, choosing a POS System is like choosing car insurance. So, We hope the information provided above helps you find the best Point Of Sale System.

If you’re unsure of what POS System you need, Request to be called back by a consultant from any company listed in this article.

It is always better to choose a POS after all your questions have been answered.

Do ask the right questions so that you find a POS System that will meet your needs.

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