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yoco transaction fees

Yoco card machines are very popular amongst most South African business owners these days.

This is because Yoco offers low-cost, portable credit card machines with some of the lowest transaction fees.

In this article, I explain the associated Yoco transaction fees or any Yoco fees/ Yoco rates. I also provide you latest Yoco pricing and a way you can order a Yoco card machine at a discount today.

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Yoco Transaction Fees

Yoco charges a per-transaction fee of 2.6 – 2.95% (Excluding VAT) or 2.99 – 3.39% (including VAT). 

These retainer fees are automatically deducted whenever you transact with a card machine or use any of their online POS facilities to accept a payment. 

There are no other types of fees you end up paying to Yoco if you don’t use your card machine or accept payments through Yoco’s POS tools.

Yoco Fees - Small Businesses

For starters, Yoco charges a flat rate of 2.95% (Excluding VAT) or 3.39% (Including VAT) of the amount transacted if your gross monthly transaction volume is less than R20 000. 

So, for every R100 you transact, you’ll be looking at around R3.39 in fees.

Here’s a quick table showing how Yoco fees (or Yoco rates) will apply to a small business that transacts about R1660 in total.

Transacted Amount Yoco Fee Amount (Incl. VAT) Paid to You (Incl. VAT)
TOTAL: R1660
Table of Yoco transaction fees retained vs transacted amounts.

Yoco Fees - Medium to Larger Businesses

As your business turnover grows, so does your fee percentage discount. 

As you can see in the table below, the most discount you can get in transaction fees is 2.6% Ex. VAT. When your business turnover is equal to or over R80 000.

Yoco also allows you to negotiate your discount even further when your business exceeds R100 000.

Income Yoco fees % (Ex. VAT) Yoco fees % (Incl. VAT)
Up to R20 000
R20 000 - R40 000
R40 000 - R60 000
R60 000 - R80 000
R80 000 - R100 000
Over R100 000
Custom Discount
Custom Discount
Table of Yoco transaction fees percentage per gross income | Source: Yoco.com

Yoco Card Machine Fees - Conclusion

Yoco’s fee structure is quite reasonable. It is arguably one of the cheapest and doesn’t differ that much from its competitors.

Plus you get discounts as you grow. Making things easier in the long run.

And that’s it about Yoco fees and rates. If you are considering a Yoco machine. Click the banner below for an exclusive referral discount from us.

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