Yoco Go Card Machine Review – What Makes it Perfect?

Yoco go card machine reviews - Yoco Go review

The Yoco Go card machine is the cheapest card machine from Yoco (The Company). It enables business owners to accept card payments by pairing with a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth and the free Yoco’s mobile App.

Because of its low price and great performance reputation, the Yoco Go is proclaimed as one of the Best Wireless Card Machine for Small Business today.

If you’re considering buying one, you might be having some questions. So in this Yoco Go card machine review, I tell you everything You need to know about the Yoco Go so you can make an educated purchase.

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What is Yoco Go and How Does it Work?

The Yoco Go is a portable Point of Sale (POS) speedpoint card machine that works by connecting to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

A POS card machine is one that pairs with Yoco POS software and supported hardware, or any other supported POS software like POS software such as Vend, SalonBridge, TabletPos, iKentoo, and more).

Once you have paired the card machine with your phone, you then use Yoco App to control the features of the card machine. i.e. sell products, initiate payments, send receipts, process refunds, accept tips, etc.

Your phone must always have an active mobile data connection or WiFi for the card machine to be able to connect to the internet and process payments.

Yoco Go Card machine design and actual size | Cred. https://blog.mashjoy.com

Yoco Go Features and Technical Specs

The Yoco Go works like any other modern Card Machines for Small Business

It has all the technology and sensors to accept card payments from any South African bank card, including SASSA cards.

It supports card tap, swipe, and card insert. Customers can also tap with their phones using Apple and Samsung Pay.

As said before, the Yoco Go only works by pairing it with a phone/tablet via Bluetooth. The pairing is automatic once done once.

The speeds of processing are generally instant to about 3 seconds., though the speed of processing transactions also depends on the speed of your WiFi or mobile network.

  1. Where you swipe a card
  2. Display
  3. Where you insert a card
  4. Charging slot
  5. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Where to Tap? – The tap sensor is installed inside the card machine, so customers can just tap anywhere around the top of the card machine.

Yoco Go Design

The Yoco Go’s design is kept very basic and very brief. It is a very small card machine that’s about a size of a credit card. 

It has a square-ish design that looks and feels elegant at the same time.

The type of plastic encasing used is very durable, making it one of the toughest portable card machines on the market. 

I have dropped mine several times from a desk and it’s still holding up fine.

Yoco Go Card Machine Cost

The Yoco Go card machine costs between R299-R699 Once-Off.

Sometimes you can even get it for as little as R199 depending on whether Yoco is running a special promotion or not.

 But don’t worry, because today you can get it at a discount and free delivery. 

The discount is on top of the discounted price already on the Yoco’s website. 

Here is a link for Special Deal to get the Yoco Go at about 45-50% Discount!

Yoco Go Unboxing - What's Included

Here’s what’s included in the Yoco Go’s packaging:

  1. Yoco tabletop tent banner
  2. Lanyard
  3. The actual card reader machine
  4. Charging cable
  5. User manual
  6. Yoco branded stickers
Show All Yoco Go Features

Yoco Go Features

  • Simple, modern classic design
  • Always paired to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Sends digital receipts via SMS or email for free
  • Seamlessly pairs with Yoco mobile App
  • Card Payments: Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay via Card Insert, Swipe and Tap

Yoco Go Additional Features

  • Accept Tips: Yes
  • Process Refunds: Yes
  • Fast Charging: Yes
  • Digital Receipts: Yes (send receipts via SMS or email for free)
  • Paper Receipts: No
  • Packaging: Yoco Go card machine, Charging cable, Lanyard, User manual, Yoco tabletop tent banner, Yoco stickers
Show Yoco Go Pros and Cons

Yoco Go Pros

  • Easy to setup and start using
  • Can be linked to more than one phone/tablet
  • Can be used by Registered and Unregistered businesses
  • Can be used on Business and Personal bank accounts
  • Ultra fast payment processing speeds (under 3 seconds)
  • Bluetooth connection is always on/ automatic
  • All-day battery life

Yoco Go Cons

  • No rental option

Where to Buy Yoco Go Card Machine?

You can buy the Yoco Go machine directly from Yoco’s website. They will give you a Referral Discount and Free Delivery when you Register Using This Link.

The process of buying a Yoco machine from Yoco’s website is very simple and quick. You simply Create a Yoco Merchant Account and fill in your personal and business details.

Thereafter you will be allowed to order the machine of your choice and then download the Yoco App to complete the setup process.

Final Takes - Is the Yoco Go Worth It?

The simple answer is Yes. 

The Yoco Go machine is the perfect card machine if you are a small business looking for a way to start receiving card payments.

It is very cheap to purchase, has a full-day battery life, is fast, it is easy to use, and gets the job done perfectly fine.

On top of that, Yoco provides a Free seamlessly designed Point of Sale (PoS) online software and a Free mobile App so you can have access to all the features they have in their ecosystem.

But you should understand the limitations of this card machine, it only works by pairing with your phone/tablet via bluetooth and requires the Yoco App to initiate transactions.

Meaning you won’t be able to make a transactions if your smartphone or tablet happens to be out of battery.

If you’re looking for a Yoco card machine that does not require phone pairing. I recommend you checkout the Yoco Khumo, Yoco Neo and Khumo Print.

Here’s where we Compare All Yoco Card Machines Together.

Yoco Khumo

Approx. Regular Price: R1199.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.
Khumo Print

Approx. Regular Price: R1999.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.
Yoco Neo

Approx. Regular Price: R1499.
Available Discount: R100
Registration Page: Visit Website↗︎

Standalone Card Machine, Ultra Fast 4G SIM card with Free Unlimited data. Integrates with Yoco POS.
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