Yoco Khumo Print Review | How to Buy It with Up to R500 Discount Today

Yoco Khumo Print reviews - Khumo print card machine for sale.

Picture this: a customer walks into your busy store. They browse around, find something they love, and eagerly approach the counter to complete the transaction.

But then, there’s a problem. You don’t have a card machine and they’re not carrying cash. Imagine how bad they’d feel.

These days, where convenience is king, you can’t afford to miss out on potential sales due to the lack of a reliable card payment solution.

And this is where the Yoco Khumo Print card machine comes in.

Hence today, I’m going to give you a comprehensive review of the Yoco Khumo Print Card Machine so you can figure out if it is the right card machine for you.

Stick around until the end of this article, and I’ll reveal how you can buy the Yoco Khumo Print for sale, with an incredible discount of up to R500! Plus Free Delivery and Free Setup assistance from Yoco↗︎.

So let’s dive in.

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What is Khumo Print Card Machine?

The Yoco Khumo Print is Yoco’s latest card reader machine that combines the functionality of a standard Yoco Khumo, but this time, with a built-in printer.

Hence the name Khumo Print.

It was launched in around April 2022.

How it works? It operates as a fully standalone device, allowing you to conduct business anywhere without the need to pair it with a POS system or Yoco App on your phone.

Just like the standard Yoco Khumo, It has a full HD touchscreen, dual 4G SIM cards, and free unlimited data from Yoco. It also boasts fast connectivity levels. 

I have reviewed the standard Yoco Khumo here↗︎.

Yoco Khumo and Yoco Khumo Print Design | Cred. Yoco.com

Like any other Yoco card machine, It takes payments from all major South African credit and debit cards, including SASSA grant cards.

In addition, customers can pay via card swipe, card insert, or just tap with their card or phone.

Play Video about What is a Yoco Card Machine and How it works - Khumo Print Example.

Who is it for? Since it is an all-in-one card machine. It is perfect for businesses of any size or seeking a long-term card reader solution.

Or it is perfect for those who already like the standard Yoco Khumo, but see the need for a built-in printer in the card machine.

And since it doesn’t pair to a POS solution, I’d say only buy the Khumo Print if you prefer only having a portable card machine that doesn’t need to be connected to many other things.

Khumo Print card machine demo | Src: https://yoco.com

Therefore, with the Khumo Print, The built-in printer is the main thing you are actually buying,

meaning the only thing you’ll ever need to do is replace thermal print rolls when needed.

Khumo Print Card Machine - thermal printer rolls demo

And to save on print rolls, The Khumo Print also provides an option to send digital receipts to customers via SMS/email, completely free of charge.

So as you can see, the Khumo Print is all about convenience and giving your customers the flexibility they deserve. 

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Yoco Khumo Print Price

The Yoco Khumo print card machine prices range from R1499 – R1999. The cheapest it has ever been was R1399 upon its launch.

But for just less than R1999, it is very well priced compared to the competition.

And the cherry on top? You can buy the Khump Print today for sale or at a discount directly from Yoco by ordering using this Discount Referral Link.

More on the discount: The discount is meant for first-time buyers only and has an embedded coupon of about R100-R500 Discount depending on how much discount Yoco is giving. 

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Yoco Khumo Print Review - Is it worth Buying?

Without a doubt, the Yoco Khumo Print will be a perfect card machine for many since it eliminates almost all card machine worries, both now and in the future.

It is satisfyingly large, yet very portable, can print receipts, and does everything at an incredible speed.

In my experience, I can say is designed to make life easier and your transactions smoother than ever before.

Khumo Print card machine demo | Src: https://yoco.com

Now, let’s address one important consideration: POS vs Fully Standalone?

If you prefer a standalone card machine that can also print receipts but leans more towards a POS system, the Khumo Print might not be your best fit.

In that case, I recommend checking out the Yoco Neo or Yoco Neo Plus, which offers the versatility you’re looking for.

So, is is the Khumo Print worth it? Absolutely! This is a powerhouse of a card machine that will bring too much efficiency to your business.

Khumo Print

Discount and Free Delivery when you sign up with Yoco and Order Online for the first time.

How it works: Standalone with full HD touchscreen. Built-in receipts printer.

Available Discount:


Smart card machine. Best for all business sizes.

How to Buy the Khumo Print + Discount!

You can buy the Khumo Print directly online from Yoco’s website↗︎ or from well-known retail stores like Pep, Makro, Takealot, Game, Incredible Connection, Hi-Fi Corp, and iStore.

However, I always recommend ordering it directly from Yoco’s website so you can harness that 🎁R100-R500 first-timer’s discount↗︎, and get free delivery and free setup assistance from Yoco themselves.

The card machine comes already working upon delivery.

Deliveries from Yoco take 2-3 working days depending on your address.

Mine was delivered in just 2 days since my delivery address is in a very popular suburb/town. 

So if you need to begin ordering. Don’t forget to use this Discount Link so you can save up to R500 on your first Khumo Print Purchase.

Final Takeways

Overall, the Khumo Print is a worthy investment for those who value efficiency, convenience, and the ability to process transactions from anywhere.

There isn’t much more to say about it except that it is a better and improved version of the normal Yoco Khumo, or it is simply the Yoco Khumo, but with a built-in printer.

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your card machine worries and embrace the future of payment processing, the Yoco Khumo Print is the way to go.

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